Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro says football stars are coronavirus ‘sitting ducks’ due to flights and immune systems – The Sun

PREMIER LEAGUE stars are "sitting ducks" for in terms of catching coronavirus, says former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro.

Dr Caneiro – who infamously took Mourinho to court on "discrimination and victimisation" claims – has revealed all about why footballers are more susceptible to the killer bug than many others.

She claimed the physical strain of training, travel and things like sharing water bottles carelessly thrown to the side of the pitch make footballers a hotbed for spreading viruses.

Carneiro told the Mail: "Professional players have been shown to be regularly immunosuppressed.

"This has been demonstrated by both blood tests and the rate and incidence of upper respiratory tract and other infections, which is how a virus like this starts.

"That's due to the amount of sport they play.

"The physical activity, playing at a professional level, with games sometimes every 72 hours, as well as training creates a strain on the body."

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