Former anorexic drug addict says £769k of plastic surgery helped her recovery

A former drug addict who went off the rails when her parents died in a plane crash believes she recovered thanks to plastic surgery.

Kitana Savage, known as @kitanasavage on Instagram used to spend £400 a day on narcotics.

The 29-year-old, originally from the Czech Republic but now residing in Miami, tried to get clean in rehab but kept relapsing until a she suffered a terrifying drug-filled episode in Mexico.

But now, she’s undergone £769,000 worth of cosmetic operations and claims it’s the secret to her recovery.

The former anorexic has had three Brazilian Butt Lifts, four boob jobs, botox and fillers.

Kitana says surgery has saved her life – and she never plans to stop.

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The young woman said: “When it comes to my weight, it all got out of control when I lost both my parents and I guess it was the main trigger for my anorexia and eventually bulimia to get out of control.

“I literally had no idea, when I lost my parents at such a young age.

“It was hard, not only because it’s traumatic, shocking and extremely painful, it’s hard because you realise that you are 17 and you don’t know anything about the real world – so you're gonna have to go through all things by yourself and learn the hard way.”

Kitana inherited her parents money, but soon began to use drugs and chase a party lifestyle.

She explained: “My last step to complete hell was starting to use drugs, I was taking anything that would get me high.

“I was doing from one to five grams a day.

“Though for me, it didn’t matter if I made myself feel better with cocaine, ecstasy or alcohol.

“Everything was a form of escape.”

The Instagram star went to rehab several times, but it wasn’t until a terrifying drug-filled episode in Mexico that she finally stopped.

Kitana said: “I believe the only therapy that helps is realising that you only have a limited time here on the earth and drugs we abuse won’t make us happier, prettier, richer or more healthy.

“I decided I’m going to be the creator of my life no matter how people doubt me, laugh at me, try me or underestimate me.

The model's first surgery was a breast list and implants at the age of 21.

She also maintains her looks by regularly getting her hair, nails and makeup done funded by her inheritance and earnings from her OnlyFans account.

She added: “I see my body and image as my biggest and most secure investment because I feel like that’s what I understand the most and I set up my lifestyle that way so my brand will always be my tool to make it.

“I love my entire body. Every part compliments the other the right way.

“My surgeries make me feel amazing.

“I love the process, I love the progress – the new start, impulse and motivation to work harder on my body."

Kitana's next dream is to launch her own streetwear brand and eventually a business empire.

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