Forget cheese platters! Foodies show off their DESSERT grazing boards

Forget cheese platters! Foodies show off their incredible DESSERT grazing boards – complete with DIY pavlova stations and chocolate fondue

  • Foodies are taking inspiration from cheese platters for their party desserts
  • Grazing boards for dessert are becoming more popular for large gatherings 
  • People love how easy it is to create a visually appealing dessert display

Foodies are showing off their platter-making skills with more than just cheese as the popularity of dessert grazing boards continue to skyrocket.

Featuring everything from DIY pavlova, chocolate fondue and mouth-watering displays of lollies the grazing boards leave little to be desired.

A mum recently asked for suggestions for her own dessert platter and was inundated with suggestions and photographs showing off other people’s incredible efforts.

This mum shared a picture of the ‘colourful masterpiece’ she made for her six-year-old daughter. It included lollies, cakes and biscuits

Another woman showed off her incredible pavlova platter which include fresh fruit and whipped cream

‘Whenever I have done them they have been a big hit,’ one mum said.

‘And they are easy because you can put anything sweet or colourful including fruit  on them.’

From Christmas lunches to birthday parties and high teas, there appeared to be a dessert board offered for every occasion.

One woman’s creation for her six-year-old’s birthday got a lot of positive attention.

‘Thankyou,’ the mother humbly responded, before adding: ‘It was the colourful masterpiece I imagined’.

Another woman revealed how she managed to make a fondue grazing board without the complication of keeping the chocolate hot.

‘I made a chocolate ganache but with extra cream so it stayed a little more runny, and had it surrounded with things to dip- strawberries, blueberries, marshmallows, cookies, wafers and brownies,’ she said. ‘It was a big hit.’ 

The mum’s question was posed on a party-lover’s group on Facebook and got dozens of helpful responses. 

This platter was from Coles, the mum said she was very impressed with the range of sweets

Pavlova became very popular in Australia last Christmas, prompting television icon and mum-of-two, Jules Sebastian to show off her own grazing board.

The mum-of-two, 41, dubbed the platter as the ‘perfect dessert’ that’s ideal for those who are short on time and prefer a slither of sweetness 

The 41-year-old dubbed the platters the ‘perfect dessert’ that’s ideal for those who are short on time and prefer to pick and choose a little bit of what they love in a pavlova. 

Designed in the same way as a cheese board, the ingredients for the dessert are spread across a wooden platter for guests to make into miniature pavlovas themselves. 

‘I’m back on the plattering bandwagon and as we are approaching the entertaining season this is super impressive for visitors!’ Jules wrote on Instagram alongside a video.

To make the tasty platter, Jules used whipped cream, pre-made miniature meringues from Woolworths, assorted fresh fruits including blueberries, strawberries, kiwifruit and cherries as well as four sauces.

To store the condiments, Jules bought small glass jars from Wheel and Barrow and gold teaspoons.  

‘This is going to be a delightful mess,’ she said as she enjoyed the first bite of the miniature pavlova. 

She said the dessert is not only quick and easy to prepare, but is also child friendly, colourful and delicious. 



600mL whipped cream

Assorted fruit – strawberries, blueberries, kiwifruit, cherries, orange slices

Pre-made petite meringues

Assorted sauces – chocolate syrup, passionfruit curd, caramel sauce and strawberry sauce


Purchase all the ingredients and slice the fruit if needed 

Arrange the ingredients onto the grazing platter

Serve to guests to enjoy and make the DIY pavlovas 

Source: Jules Sebastian

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