Follow these tips and be a kut above like Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars Kim, Kyle and Kendall

IT doesn’t take a jean-ius to know that the ripped denim look is here to stay – but the choice of styles can be a little overwhelming.

Should you go for a subtle slice or OTT tears?

Well, look to the Kardashian clan for fash-spiration as they cover the full spectrum of the style’s many options. After staying out of the spotlight for a while, Kim, 36, caused quite a stir by stepping out in denim jeans so torn and shredded, they could barely be considered trousers at all.

And the love of rips runs in the family. But instead of blowing your bank balance by shelling out on designer styles, you can make your own ripped jeans at home with a little DIY and some imagination.

Take a look at our how-to guide alongside our “Rip-ter scale” so you can kopy the Kardashians with ease.

– To make all these jeans, you will need fabric scissors and sandpaper.

Kim Kardashian – Through the shredder

IT’S no good buying women’s jeans – Kim K’s look is so overr-the-top baggy that you will need to go and browse the men’s section (or just steal your fella’s).

According to Kim, anything goes and looks good – huge holes, no hems, frayed sides, stringy slits . . . there’s no need to follow a design, just hack away.

Ripter scale: 5/5

Kendall Jenner – Peeping knees

FOLLOW Kendall’s lead and go for the more reserved end of the spectrum if flashing the flesh is not your thing.

This simple look is easy to achieve – just make sure you choose skinny jeans with a dropped hemline for an exact match.

Ripter scale: 1/5

Kylie Jenner – Hacked holes

IF you are feeling brave and it’s not -10C outside, Kylie’s pair will take you no more than two minutes to re-create.

Darker denim skinny jeans will do the job – just chop chunks off and then you are good to go.

Step three: Rub with sandpaper around the edges of the hems and the holes to really roughen them up.

Ripter scale: 4/5

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