Flaming acorn covered in symbols was hidden away by Army, claims UFO expert

Hundreds of people saw a flaming, metallic acorn-shaped aircraft fly through the sky before it was hidden away by the US military, according to a UFO researcher.

Stan Gordon – who doesn't claim to have seen a UFO himself – has been researching mysterious goings-on in Pennsylvania for the past 63 years.

The Kecksburg incident of December 9, 1965, remains one of his most mysterious investigations. It was also one of the first cases to draw Stan into the world of UFO investigations, and he has since interviewed countless witnesses.

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"There were multitudes of observations of this fiery object from Ontario, Canada to over Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania," he told the Daily Star, describing how it moved back and forth above his state before "it began to track back along the outskirts of Kecksburg, made another turn and went down into the wooded ravine".

According to Stan, people soon flocked to the crash site having heard about the incident on the news. Others bombarded the police and fire service with calls.

He said: "People who saw it come down said it did not come down at a high rate of speed. It came down almost like it was controlled.

"Some of the locals went down soon after it fell and came across this large, metallic acorn-shaped object buried in the ground."

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Having collated reports from independent witnesses, Stan estimated the object to be roughly 10 to 12ft-long and eight to 10ft in diameter.

All described it as being bronze or gold in colour with "no weld marks, no rivet marks, no wings".

Some witnesses, such as Jim Romansky, even noticed "odd symbols" on the back of the acorn which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Yet the most intriguing aspect for Stan is what happened after it landed.

He said: "Many witnesses including reporters on the scene said that the military showed up, Army and Air Force.

"There were many people that saw a large, military flat-bed trailer that came in empty and came out with a large object with a tarp over it.

"I found out later from independent witnesses that there were actually two military flat-bed tractor trailers at the scene.

"The Kecksburg case is very rare where you have a military response like that. That’s something we just don’t see."

Stan claims sources told him the acorn was taken to Lockbourne Air Force Base near Columbus, Ohio, and then Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton in the same state.

He also claims two military men, unknown to each other, both said "they had seen some documents that indicated it may have been extra-terrestrial".

In 2005, NASA released a statement claiming that metallic fragments from the area were examined and concluded to be from a Russian satellite.

They also said records of their findings were lost in the 1980s.

A NASA report from August this year flip flops on the Russian satellite theory.

It states: "Investigations of photographs and sightings of the fireball indicated its path through the atmosphere was probably too steep to be consistent with a spacecraft re-entering from Earth orbit and was more likely a meteor."

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It also says the Russian satellite previously thought to have been responsible actually burnt up some time before the sightings.

Despite his research, Stan said he still he "doesn't know" what fell from the sky on December 9, 1965.

On his website he narrows it down to two possibilities – either "highly advanced man-made space probe" or "an extra-terrestrial spacecraft".


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