Female urinals could be 6 times quicker to use than traditional toilets

Two university graduates have invented a female urinal which could cut down loo queue times at festivals and other events.

Amber Robyn and Hazel McShane, who graduated from the University of Bristol, were asked to solve a real world problem.

And, they created the hands-free Peequal.

Using well-designed dividers the duo managed to fit omen’s urinals in a smaller space than traditional loos which still offered some privacy for the user.

Each “wedge” of the circular unit can contain two urinals which can be laid out in three different ways.

This means that the circular installation can combine three wedges and provide six sale urinals.

You can also combine four wedges to create eight urinals or use each individual wedge alone.

According to research, women queue up to 34 times longer than men because there are 10 male urinals for every women’s public toilet.

And, we’ve all been annoyed when we spot the hour long queue to the ladies and the blokes stroll straight in.

The students’ research also showed that 80% of women squat on public toilets to avoid touching the seat out of fear of cleanliness.

The creators said: “Working at festivals, we had to choose between going to the loo or getting food, as the queues for the women’s toilets were just too long.

“This was common at every event we went to. From sports events to theatres to park toilets, women have to expect to wait in line."

They continued: “So, driven by curiosity and a restlessness for a product that solves our own problem, we set out to fight the women’s toilet queue.”

To use the loos you simply squat above the open toilet and urinate.

Over on Mumsnet, the invention sparked quite the debate with many praising the invention’s usefulness.

One woman said: “Sounds like a good idea. But could be open to abuse. Therefore only good if truly single sex. “

“I can see how these would be useful at festivals, ideal when you just need a quick wee,” added another.

“Obviously you still need the option of proper loo's for anything else, in the same way men have the option of urinals or cubicles.”

A third noted: “They’ve had female urinals at Glastonbury for at least 13 years because that’s the last time I went.

“They handed out cardboard she wees and away you went. It’s all we used the last time we went. Very easy to use.”

But not everyone was keen due to the lack of doors, loo roll or sinks.

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One critic said: “I don't understand how you use it. Where's the loo roll? Where's the privacy?”

“How would you know which toilet was free without having to stick your head around the corner and see if someone is already in there?

“Also, I worry about safety. What is to stop men just walking in?”

A third wrote: “No I'm not weeing in public with no door thanks.”

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