Experts share how much toilet paper you should be using when going to the loo

We've all got our own preferences when it comes to a lot of things.

Using the toilet has no right or wrong answers, but apparently there is when loo roll comes into the equation.

Experts have revealed how much toilet paper we should be using when we go to the WC – and the results might surprise you.

Sanctuary Bathrooms has joined forces with hygiene and health experts to shed light on the situation.

And there's an answer to your all your burning questions too.

Martin Richards, Director of Hygienic Technology Experts at SMARTi Environmental, spoke out about how much you should use.

He said: "If you're using toilet roll efficiently, the average person should only need 10 sheets per visit to the loo.

"Obviously, this can depend widely on whether it's a number one or number two.

"But essentially try not to wrap yarns of toilet roll round your hand to use as this can be a waste."

Just to make things clear, using 10 sheets should be the maximum number you use, so anything less is fine – and probably best.

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And when it comes to flushing the loo, Martin says to always close the lid so that germs don't escape the toilet.

He explained: "Each toilet could have up to 500,000 germs per surface inch.

"When a toilet is flushed, droplets containing bacteria and viruses will become airborne, contaminating skin, clothing and surfaces.

"Sometimes you can even inhale them, so by keeping the seat down when flushing, these will then be trapped inside the toilet."

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