Everything you need to know about ITV's Belgravia

The creator of Downton Abbey is bringing an exciting new period drama to ITV. 

Set in the 19th Century in the affluent London district of the same name, Belgravia is full of drama, lies, secrets and suspense. Produced by the team behind multi-award-winning drama Downton Abbey, Belgravia is the new period drama that we just can’t wait to get stuck into. 

The story begins at a ball in Brussels in 1815, on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. But a shocking turn of events has repercussions that reach far beyond that night, and it’s only 25 years later that well-connected society girl Sophia Trenchard (Emily Reid) and those around her must face the consequences. 

Is there a trailer for Belgravia?

Yes there is – and it’s already got us hooked.

You can watch it here: 

What is the plot of Belgravia?

Julian Fellowes published Belgravia as a novel in 2016, but has since adapted the story for television. 

After the night of the ball, a series of events is set in motion that rocks the world of Belgravia’s elite for decades to come. Shocking secrets begin to come to light, and deceptions unravel as the characters are forced to face the consequences. It’s all about scandal, intrigue and power, and sees family dynamics falter and fall apart under the pressure.

Who is in the cast of Belgravia?

Relative newcomer Emily Reid plays the young and beautiful Sophia Trenchard, whose life changes forever on the night of the ball. But the story really centres on her parents: Sophia’s father James Trenchard, a businessman with friends in high places, is played by Philip Glenister, and his wife Anne is played by Tamsin Grieg. Alice Eve, known for her roles in Ordeal by Innocence and Iron Fist, will play Susan, who completes the Trenchard family. 

Other notable names include Harriet Walter of Sense and Sensibility fame, who will be playing the Countess of Brockenhurst. Tom Wilkinson from The Full Monty will play Peregrine the Earl of Brockenhurst, and Ella Purnell from Maleficent will play Lady Maria Grey. 

How many episodes of Belgravia will there be? 

There will be six hour-long episodes – plenty of time for master storyteller Julian Fellowes to set his story in motion, build the suspense, and get us on the edge of our seats. 

Where and when can I watch Belgravia?

Belgravia begins on Sunday 15 March at 9pm, and will air weekly. 

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