Eva Longoria gushes over family-owned eatery that is actually Pizza Express

Eva Longoria told comic Jack Whitehall she had an incredible time at a family-owned Italian restaurant – which turned out to be Pizza Express.

He said The Desperate Housewives star, 46, told him it was “the best pasta I have ever had anywhere in the world”.

Jack revealed while they were filming BBC comedy series Decline And Fall in 2016 she was struggling to find a good eatery in town.

But Eva burst onto the set in Cardiff one day and claimed she found a brilliant family owned Italian place, only to reveal she had eaten at the popular high street chain.

Jack, 33, told the Out To Lunch podcast: “She thought she was going to stay in some lovely swanky London hotel, have dinners out with all of her friends… she arrived in Cardiff and got a rude awakening.

“She was great and really entered into the spirit of things but couldn’t find a restaurant that was quite up to the standards of Beverly Hills in Cardiff until one day she came on to set and she said, ‘Oh my God, I found it, I found the most incredible little Italian last night, the owner, I think it’s family owned, he was so charming and I had the best pasta I have ever had anywhere in the world.

“'It’s called… Pizza Express.' I promise you, she said Pizza Express.

“She’d been in a little Pizza Express in Cardiff and thought she’d found this incredible, authentic Italian,” he insisted.

The actor also revealed he made a fool of himself with school pals after telling them he had landed the part of Harry Potter in the mega movie franchise.

Jack revealed he went to an open casting and was so cocky he told mates it was “just a formality” that he would get the lead part.

But he admitted he was useless and was ditched by the casting crew before the part famously went to award-winning actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Jack added: “Absolutely flunked it. I don’t think I’d read the whole book. I wasn’t a very good actor when I was a child. Very awkward. Didn’t get the part.

“I’d gone big, of course," he added. "I was like ‘it’s just a formality'."

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