Emma Willis refuses to wear sexy lingerie for hubby Matt as it’s ‘not real’

Former Big Brother host Emma Willis spilled the contents of her lingerie draw, confessing she doesn't own any sexy items.

The 42-year-old, who is married to Busted star Matt Willis, quipped she'd managed to convince her husband that kinky underwear was "not real".

Emma continued to joke that she'd held the That's What I Go To School For hitmaker "captive" for so long that he had no idea what racy items looked like in the flesh.

In the candid conversation, she also unveiled that her collection was all the same colour and brand and had not changed since she first clapped eyes on the singer back in 2005.

Speaking on the White Wine Question Time podcast, The Voice host said: "I don't think I have done sexy since my wedding day. It is all about comfort, isn't it?

"You can't jump around in a G-string at the age of 44. You just can't. You can but there is no support, absolutely not."

Giving away her secrets, she added: "My underwear drawer is literally 25 pairs of the same pairs of pants.

"The same colour and same make and it has been the same colour and same make since I met him. He does not know any different."

Explaining her thought process behind her trickery, she continued: "I met him when he was 21 so it is almost like I raised him in captivity and just made him believe that this is the way the world is and just to enjoy it.

"It is like, 'It's just black cotton briefs Matt. That is all there is.'

"He will see something in a magazine and I am like 'No, it is not real. It is like telly, it is not real'."

Like most people this year, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was a refresher for Emma who realised during the lockdown period she may have been too busy with work commitments.

Now having more time to reassess and think about the time she devotes to her family, she will be slowing down her ever demanding schedule to be with her loves ones more.

She told podcast listeners: "Being forced from a pandemic into being present with my kids has very much opened my eyes.

"I will keep going forward. It has let me open my eyes and how much attention I have to give them as I was so busy with work.

"I can't do 'me' time. I have to have something to do. It is really hard to adjust but now when they try to fill up my months with work I will be like 'Hang on a minute'."

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