Elvis Presley daughter: How many children does Lisa Marie Presley have?

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie has been married four times. But none of her children have ever met their grandfather. This is because Elvis died when his daughter was 11-years-old, meaning he never met her partners or children.

How many children does Lisa Marie Presley have?

Lisa Marie Presley’s first husband was Danny Keough, a Chicago-born musician, with whom Lisa Marie had two children, Danielle Riley Keough and Benjamin Storm Keough.

The older of her children is known as Riley Keough and is an actress who has appeared in a number of films from director Steven Soderbergh.

Lisa Marie is still close to her first husband, who is a bass player in her band.

Just 20 days after their divorce in May 1994, Lisa Marie married singer Michael Jackson, who she first met in 1975.

According to a friend of hers, Lisa Marie’s relationship with Jackson began in 1992, but it was also reported Jackson became strongly dependent on his wife after accusations of child molestation went public.

She sought a divorce in January 1996, after she had reportedly helped him to go to rehabilitation to recover from faltering health and addiction to drugs, as discussed in Randy J Taraborrelli’s book, The Magic and the Madness.

In an interview with Oprah in 2010, however, Lisa Marie said she and Michael had spent years on and off following their divorce, during which time they were hoping to reconcile.


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After this, Lisa Marie was engaged to singer-songwriter John Oszajca, although she ended up marrying actor Nicolas Cage in August 2002.

The marriage was a short affair and Cage filed for divorce just three months later, for it to be finalised in 2004.

Lisa Marie’s final marriage was to Michael Lockwood, her guitarist, with her first husband acting as best man at their wedding in Japan.

Presley had twin girls with Lockwood, Harper and Finley, but she filed for divorce from Lockwood in 2016.

While Elvis Presley may not have been involved in the lives of his grandchildren, his former wife Priscilla has been the doting grandmother, helping Lisa Marie and remaining close to her throughout their lives.

Priscilla has helped her daughter with childcare and even wrote a children’s book based on her granchildren.

She told People magazine: “I’ve learned to really listen to what [the girls are] saying. They have so much to contribute in their opinions, their viewpoints and questions.

“I value that very much.”

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