Donald Glover Claims a Fear of 'Getting Cancelled' Is Responsible for 'Boring' Films and TV Shows

Donald Glover believes that a fear of “getting cancelled” is responsible for a recent outpouring of “boring” television and film content.

Returning to Twitter on Monday evening after a lengthy hiatus, the actor, musician and creator of the comedy-drama television series Atlanta stepped into an online discussion regarding “how tired” people were of “reviewing boring stuff” across television and film, claiming the lack of industry experimentation is due to a fear of “getting cancelled.”

“We’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes(?) because people are afraid of getting cancelled,” Glover wrote, later adding: “So they feel like they can only experiment [with] aesthetic. (also because some of em know they’re not that good).”

The rare series of tweets split Twitter users into debate — where one side interpreted the rapper’s late-night remarks as a critique on the rampancy of “cancel culture” in today’s society, while other users believed Glover was referring to TV shows and films being cancelled by a network or another distributor.

Glover has not yet confirmed the intention behind his tweets.

Meanwhile, Glover, also known by his stage alias Childish Gambino, is facing a lawsuit from rapper Kidd Wess over his Grammy-winning song, “This is America.” According to official reports, Wes alleges that Gambino’s 2018 hit infringes on the copyright of his original track, “Made in America,” which he first uploaded to SoundCloud in 2016.
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