Dog is inundated with adoption requests after spending 10 years in a shelter

Bess the black and white Collie earned the name of Britain’s loneliest dog thanks to spending ten years at Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge, Kent.

Since she arrived at the shelter as a puppy, Bess kept being passed over by potential adopters.

But after the shelter put out an appeal this week, Bess’s luck has turned around. She’s since been inundated with adoption requests and the shelter is now having to hold auditions to figure out who should get to take her home.

The original appeal, posted online this week, read: ‘Bess is probably the most overlooked dog ever.

‘She has sadly been with us for 10 years now so it’s no surprise that she now has trust issues with new people.

‘It takes her quite a while to build up a bond with someone but it’s always handy to have some treats to win her over.

‘She is very stubborn and if she doesn’t want to do something she won’t do it, this is how she has become very clever in conning staff to give her treats.

‘When Bess trusts you she is affectionate and loves to be petted but very much on her own terms, she doesn’t like to be over fussed or crowded.

‘Bess would need a very understanding and devoted home with someone who is happy to leave her to adjust to her new home life after so many years in kennels.

‘All Bess would love is a nice soft comfy bed and short walks throughout the day, she is housetrained and not destructive.

‘She would make an interesting pet and if you have the time and patience she could become a loving addition to your home.’

The appeal clearly struck a chord, as the shelter has since received more than 160 calls from interested parties from all around the world, including people in Australia, America, and South Africa who all want to give Bess a home.

The shelter has had two open up two call centres just to field adoption requests.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Hopefully we will have our lovely Bess in a new home in a matter of days, pending home checks

‘We have been inundated with enquiries since Bess’s story hit the media.

‘We are wading through all the offers of loving homes we have received to see which ones will best fit Bess’s temperament and character.’

Here’s hoping Bess finds her perfect match soon. She’s waited long enough.

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