Disgusting footage shows how much grime builds up in your iPhone and earphones

Disgusting footage has revealed just how much grime and ear wax gets trapped in your phone holes without you realising.

PhoneFixCraft, a Dublin-based phone repair company shared the videos to show the sheer amount of dirt that accumulates in the compartments.

In one grim video, the expert gets his tool to clean an iPhone charging port, which he calls the "belly button of your iPhone".

As he scoops around the rim, a large chunk of hairball with sticky ear wax is revealed.

Another stomach-churning clip shows the worker cleaning a pair of AirPods.

The Apple headphones are covered with a thick layer of yellow ear wax along the front case.

He demonstrates the way he removes the waxy substance by spraying isopropyl alcohol on the surface, then followed by a scrap round the rim.

Viewers were completely grossed out when they saw the disgusting grime dug out from the charging port and the headphones.

One wrote: "How did they get ear wax in the charging port? That just blows my mind."

Another wondered: "Do people not clean their phones? I wipe mine down once a week!"

A third added: "I literally gagged looking at this. This is disgusting."

There were some who found it oddly satisfying to watch, with a viewer saying: "I'm obsessed. I found these amazing."

An iPhone user commented that he used an old toothbrush and a compressed air can to blow the dirt out.

But the expert replied that the compressed air can could damage the microphone.

"Be careful not to blow directly in the hole," he added.

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