'Deeply Sorry' Retired Naval Captain Resigns After Using Racial Slurs in Streamed Video

A U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association board member in Florida stepped down from his position and issued an apology after he was heard making derogatory remarks and using racial slurs in a conversation with his wife that he accidentally livestreamed on Facebook.

Scott Bethmann, 63, resigned as treasurer and national trustee of the association’s Jacksonville chapter, the chapter said in a statement.

“The nature of those comments are not consistent with our volunteer leadership mission at our Jacksonville Chapter of the [USNA] Alumni Association, the national Alumni Association, and does not represent the leadership values of our Naval Academy or the US Navy,” the statement read. “CAPT Bethmann has resigned from our board and his trustee position. Our board is convening an emergency meeting today to discuss our way forward.”

The incident occurred Friday night while Scott and his wife Nancy sat together on their couch discussing the Black Lives Matter movement, the Florida Times-Union reported.

During the 33-minute broadcast, Scott used the N-word as he discussed black employees in the workplace, and criticized companies that have issued statements in support of Black Lives Matter, according to WJXT.

NBC affiliate WTLV reported that at one point, Nancy warned him, “You better watch yourself on the board,” and Scott replied, “I don’t say anything, that’s my point. The white m—–f—–s can’t say anything, that’s the point we’re making here, Nancy.”

The couple also reportedly spoke about minority groups in the military — women in particular — who were going to “steal our intellectual property.”

Scott appeared to realize his mistake when he read comments that had been left on his video, and was heard saying, “Somehow I clicked on some live event. What are they talking about?”

In a statement to WJXT, Scott and Nancy apologized for their words, and said they hope to use the experience to “grow, listen, learn and reflect.”

“There are no words that can appropriately express how mortified and apologetic my wife and I are about the insensitive things we said that were captured on social media,” the statement read. “There is never a time when it is appropriate to use derogatory terms when speaking about our fellow man. I know that an apology from us rings hollow on many ears in our community, especially in the current climate.”

“We are deeply sorry for the impact our actions have had on the Naval Academy, my fellow servicemen and women, our former colleagues, friends, family, and the community as a whole,” the statement continued. “We are committed to educating ourselves more on the racial inequalities in this country and being better people.”

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