Dame Judi Dench hits out at possible female 007 agent in James Bond films

James Bond star and acting royalty Dame Judi Dench has hit out over the potential of a woman playing the iconic 007 agent in the films based on Ian Fleming's novels.

Dame Judi, who herself took on a gender-switch role when she was head as the cast of MI6, M, in the 1995 film Golden Eye claims that women can do anything – other than the role of James Bond.

Dench, 85, who passed on the role of M in 2015 during a posthumous appearance in the James Bond film Spectre claimed that the role of 007 was "very specific" and implied that it should never change.

In a candid chat with the Daily Mail, the star was asked whether 007 could ever be a female, replying with: "No, Bond ought not to be a woman because, essentially, that kind of model – Bond as a woman – was not in the writing."

After saying that women "should have a go at anything" the 85-year-old claimed that the role of 007 required certain attributions.

"What would Ian Fleming say? Well, he's not here to ask," added the actress.

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She went on to say that somebody should "create a character, for a female agent to play front and centre, that's nothing to do with Fleming, and not make Bond a woman. Is that clear?"

When pressed on whether she would ever consider taking on the role of M again, Dench said: "I died."

"It was 18 years," she added when reflecting on her memories as one of the nations favourite secret agents.

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"I'll come back as Ghostie M, I like the sound of Ghostie M.

"If the Bond folks don't take it up, it'd be the perfect name for a rapper."

Known for her cracking one-liners and amusing personality, Judi has recently been sending the nation into fits of laughter with social media posts following the coronavirus outbreak.

In a clip shared by her daughter, Judi was seen wearing a furry dog hat with the ears flipped up before saying: "Just keep laughing. That's all we can do."

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