Daisy May Cooper snubbed by waiter who she propositioned for sex on holiday

Comic Daisy May Cooper got snubbed by a Greek waiter who she propositioned for sex on holiday.

The 36-year-old went away with a female friend for her first getaway as a divorcee in 2021.

Daisy, left, fell for a handsome waiter, but after sending him a text offering him her bed, he turned her down flat.

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She was then left cringing every time she went to the buffet and had to see the server who spurned her.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Life’s a Beach podcast, she spilled: “I chatted up a waiter and got his number.

“I got a bit p***ed and I sent him a message saying, ‘Are you gonna come round or what?’

“And I’ve never seen somebody text in their own accent, because it said, ‘I cannot, I so sorry, I will lose my job I need the moneys,’ and I wrote back to him, ‘Bore off then!’

“What the f**k am I doing? It’s horrendous.

“Then I had to see him serving stifado at the buffet restaurant every day after that.”

This Country star Daisy, who has two young kids, daughter Pip and son Jack, revealed that the entire holiday was a “f***ing nightmare”.

She said: “My son s**t through his shorts – I didn’t have a nappy.

“Then I went through security and I couldn’t push the pushchair down.”

Daisy has been announced in the cast of a new show which was filmed in Bristol.

Rain Dogs will see a dysfunctional, unconventional family on the fringes of society, attempting to go straight in a crooked world.

The show charts an unconventional love story between a working-class single mum, her 10-year-old daughter, and a privileged gay man.

The dark comedy stars Daisy Jack Farthing, Ronke Adekoluejo, Adrian Edmondson and Fleur Tashjian in her debut role.

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