Daily horoscope for May 11: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturn in Aquarius turns Retrograde at the start of another working week. By definition, a planet is Retrograde when the heavenly body appears to be moving backwards in the sky.

However, the significance of a Retrograde is much deeper and complex for your horoscope than just an apparent motion.

Astrologers around the world acknowledge this is a powerful moment.

Retrogrades are considered to be a solid, impactful social shift.

Ringed planet Saturn turns retrograde approximately once every year.

But this is all the more rare because this Retrograde usually takes place in a much easier overall astrological climate.


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In 2020, Saturn’s cosmic station coincides with a gradual easing of coronavirus measures the world over.

In your life too, astrological pressure is finally reaching its maximum this week.

You have by now done all you can and it is time to start winding-down the spring.

As Saturn stations in its tracks and starts retracing his steps, governments around the world start changing their tune.

Now is the time to stop pushing ahead regardless and start returning to more familiar territory.

As Mercury and Mars form a Square across the skies, expect sharp words and heated exchanges.

When the natal chart is divided by four, a 90 degree angle is formed, creating the Square planetary aspect.

This aspect represents challenges and conflict between the planets involved.

When the planets in our natal charts are Square to each other, each planet becomes stressed.

People have been pushing ahead and dealing with physical restrictions for a long time now.


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They are also attempting to juggle all kinds of responsibilities and new circumstances in their lives.

But this recent trend is now finally at an end.

Mercury and Red Planet Mars are roughing it out on the ragged edge of their respective Zodiac signs today, putting matters on a precarious edge.

As Mercury and Mars Square on the 29th degree, there will almost certainly be some aggravation.

Expect some sharp words and heated exchanges, as today pushes some long-standing anger to the surface.

However, this is fortunately only an unstable moment and this will pass.

Mercury is the first to change signs from Taurus into Gemini and the conversation will soon take a far more constructive turn.

The Capricorn Moon is the perfect host for today’s Saturn’s station retrograde.

This position emphases the responsibilities we all carry.

Maximum caution is required and you need to be mature about this.

Then, as the Moon forms a Sextile with Neptune and trines the Sun, there is a renewed sense of relief and flow as Monday morphs into Tuesday.

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