Daily horoscope for January 25: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

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The Sun sextiles Chiron in Aries today, which will give you positive healing energy. Take some time to relax, refocus and regroup, as there are some momentous occasions on the horizon. As the Sun moves towards Chiron, issues which you thought had been put to bed may arise.

It is important to recognise whatever issues pop up and confront them head on.

Having a more holistic approach to your life will suit you well, and the waxing Gemini Moon will allow that.

Chiron will make its presence felt, so make sure you do not shy away.

As the Moon trines Mercury, you might start to feel like things are going against you.

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As the day draws to a close, take a moment to reflect. The evening time is a perfect opportunity to spoil yourself with TLC in preparation for the next day.

However, the Gemini Moon will also bring with it a new sense of energy.

Use the energy to do something out of your comfort zone. But do not stray too far, you might get caught up in something you do not want to be involved with.

Make sure you keep your head, as things can take an unexpected turn at any moment.

Horoscope Friends said: “Curiosity killed the cat, they say, and that cat was certainly a Gemini!

“The waxing Gemini Moon loves nothing better than to dig for information and sometimes even stick its nose where it does not belong.

“Off it goes today, inquiring about a whole number of things. But it won’t get very far…

“Mercury about to turn retrograde at the end of the week and, as it trines the Moon today, it sends it right into the void.”

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