Daily horoscope for April 20: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

A dark Aries Moon rises in Monday’s skies at the start of the day, before waning to black. Astrologers believe now is the time to wind things down with your horoscope. 

New concerns may well make themselves felt around the corner.

Some suggest you could clean the slate in order to deal with whatever arises next.

Today’s waning Aries Moon could also spur some people to undertake some house cleaning.

What started at around the spring equinox is now winding down and the energy is changing.


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Now is also an ideal opportunity to take a dynamic approach to helping this process along.

Let something go and move on while this Moon Squares the Lunar Nodes and Sextiles Saturn.

This celestial rearrangement may mean you have some significant choices to make.

Today is an opportunity to build something better and it is your responsibility to make it.

The Sun in Taurus tunes into the Lunar Nodes at the start of another working week.

As a result, you have a rare chance to steer your life back towards your goals.

The Sun harmonises with the Lunar Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn.

Astrologers believe this offers rare and wonderful opportunities.

This is your chance to see where you’re going with remarkable clarity.


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Some difficult decisions need to be made last month.

And now, as a result, new windows have opened up, allowing you to see matters as never before.

Today is an opportunity to take some positive steps towards improving your life.

To move away from what you know no longer works and toward what you know will work.

The Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries and tonight, highlighting some sensitive spots.

While March may have caused much pain, the month also provided opportunities to heal.

You may even have realised you were mentally more sensitive than ever imagined.

The ability to examine and even address this may have been painful, but so necessary.

But now the tricky bit is behind you, now is the time to heal and move on.

As the Sun forms a Squares with ringed planet Saturn tomorrow, tonight brings a sombre mood.

Because of this impending aspect, people attempt to lighten the mood today.

The New Moon arrives in two days’ time, meaning you will be ready to start afresh.

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