Chilling footage shows ghostly figure at abandoned nursing home ‘from hell’

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It’s an elder scare home.

Urban explorers received the fright of a lifetime after spotting a mysterious disappearing figure while perusing an infamous, abandoned nursing home in the UK. Caters News footage of the nightmare-inducing moment has gone viral online.

“Things like that are bound to give you a cold shiver down your spine,” said South Yorkshire’s Matt Nadine, who had encountered the bone-chilling sight after sneaking into Liverpool’s notorious Mossley Manor Care Home with his pal Andy Thompson. Dubbed the nursing home “from hell,” Mossley had housed dozens of senior citizens — including some with disabilities and dementia — before it was forced to close in 2015 for employing criminals and keeping patients in squalor.

The spine-tingling two-minute clip begins innocuously enough with the two adventurers, who go by the name Finders Beepers History Seekers on YouTube, exploring the moldering interior of the dilapidated building — like any garden-variety ghost-hunter show.

All of a sudden, the camera pans to a dark figure above them at the top of the staircase. The eerie entity darts to its right, upon which Nadine scrambles up the stairs to discover that the “paranormal” peeper has inexplicably vanished.

Despite jacking up the pair’s adrenaline, Nadine initially didn’t feel the ghostly gawker was “anything spectral, more like a homeless person or another explorer,” he said.

The adventurer changed his mind after finding that the only thing in the direction in which the figure moved toward was a wall with a hole too tiny to escape through. It also led to a steep drop-off from the top floor of the freaky facility.

“[T]here was no way anybody could’ve got back across the top of the stairs without Andy seeing as I ran upstairs, and as the footage shows there was nowhere for them to go,” Nadine said.

Naturally, the idea of some supernatural straggler from a derelict building might sound far-fetched, even for “The Conjuring.” However, Nadine claimed that their friends in paranormal science circles deemed the footage “the most conclusive proof [of the existence of ghosts] they have ever seen captured in a video.” The spook-seeker said the finding is especially “interesting as we were not on the hunt for ghosts and Andy doesn’t even believe in them.”

‘This is one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have had in a building.’

And that wasn’t the duo’s only occult encounter in the clip. Upon entering the laundry room at the start, Nadine can be heard asking, “It’s the washroom, isn’t it?” — to which what sounds like the voice of a little girl seemingly responds, “Yeah.”

As neither Nadine nor Thompson heard the reply at the time, it’s been chalked up to an occurrence known in spectral studies as an electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP, Caters reported.

“We have explored all over the world in places that have claimed to have been haunted and this is one of the most uncomfortable feelings I have had in a building,” said Nadine of their ghostly odyssey. “We aren’t usually bothered by anything like that, but we felt uncomfortable the whole way round.”

Perhaps even more terrifying than the so-called specter is the now-shuttered Mossley Manor Care Home itself, which allegedly had hired staffers with criminal convictions and reportedly let its elderly residents go weeks without bathing, the Liverpool Echo reported. The Victorian facility’s owners — two millionaire brothers — also allegedly failed to report the deaths of 10 patients.

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