Chelsea Houska Updates Teen Mom 2 Fans on Post-Show Life, Opens Up About Why She Quit

The former reality star shares what trashy reality shows she can’t miss and what it would take to get her back on television.

The new season of “Teen Mom 2” kicked off Tuesday on MTV, but after ten years and ten seasons, one famous face was missing. Chelsea Houska made her departure official in January with her final appearance during the reunion special, so what’s she been up to since?

She also opened up a little bit more about why she ultimately made the decision to pull the plug on the cameras that had been filming her life since she was a teen on “16 & Pregnant” and getting ready to bring eldest daughter, Aubree, into the world.

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“There just came a point — and I think it was a buildup almost — this feeling in my gut, or my heart, I guess. It just didn’t feel like I was supposed to be on that show anymore,” she told E! News.

Even beyond her gut, though, she explained that she started seeing the show through different eyes … through Aubree’s eyes specifically. “When she was little, the stuff that was going on with her dad and stuff, it was from my point of view, and as she got older, it started coming from her point of view,” she said. “I think that deserves to be private for her.”

In fact, 12-year-old Aubree’s privacy as she moves into adolescence was a huge factor in Chelsea’s decision. Certainly, Aubree never made the decision to be on television, and it’s a very public place to go through some potentially uncomfortable years.

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“There were conversations that Aubree and I were having from time to time, and there came a point where I was just worried because I don’t want her to ever be like, she can’t tell me things because it’s going to be aired to millions of people or whatever,” Chelsea explained.

Ultimately, she said, that realization that her daughter would have to bear the brunt of her decision should she continue helped her to finalize her decision and, as she put it, “leave that chapter of my life.”

In her time on television, Chelsea gave birth to Aubree with ex Adam Lind before moving on to her husband Cole DeBoer, with whom she shares three more children. Now, she enjoys snuggling up next to Cole and watching the same kind of television she used to help create.

“All the kids go to sleep, and I make Cole watch my shows,” she said, citing in particular the “Real Housewives” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” franchises. “I think he secretly likes it.”

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Beyond raising four kids, and making time for (watching) trashy reality television, Chelsea keeps busy with her Aubree Says home décor brand, practicing her technique in her new dream home. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be open to making time for a return to the small screen herself.

“I always say that I would never go back to anything that’s about my kids’ personal life for sure. I don’t think I could do that,” she insisted. But … “If something happened to be light-hearted and fun, I don’t think I would say no.”

You know what’s pretty light-hearted and fun? Those “Real Housewives” shows. Is the world ready for a more rural take with “The Real Housewives of South Dakota”?

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s former cast-mates — along with “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” star Ashley Jones — continue to share their stories on “Teen Mom 2,” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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