Can you cancel a Ryanair flight?

YOU cannot make a full cancellation to your Ryanair flight and get your money back.

But the good news is that fees are currently waived for changes up until seven days prior to your departure date. What changes does this include and what happens if your flight cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled…

Full refunds are due if an airline cancels a flight, to be processed within seven working days.

This covers flights booked with a European airline or ones that have departed from, or landed in, an airport in the EU.

Passengers travelling from the UK are still covered under the same consumer rights now that it has left the EU.

Under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the rules over compensation stay the same, according to legal site Lexology.

"However in theory, airlines could lobby at a later date for a restriction on aspects of these rules, like the size of the compensation payouts," Martyn James, consumer expert at complaints site Resolver, told The Sun.

Currently, airlines still have seven days from when they cancelled your flight to refund the money.

Can you a cancel a Ryanair flight?

Ryanair says customers can't get a refund if the flight is operational and isn't delayed by more than two hours.

Instead, you may want to consider changing your flight to a later date by using Ryanair's free rebooking policy.

How far in advance do you have to make changes?

Keep in mind you must change your flights at least seven days before the original scheduled departure date to avoid rebooking fees.

Flight dates, times, names and routes can be changed up to two and a half hours before the flight departure time, via 'My Bookings' unless you have already checked in.

You don't need to notify them if you are unable to travel and if you can’t use your outbound flight, you can still use your return flight.

How much does it cost to change a Ryanair flight?

As of June 2021, they've dropped their flight change fees for all new bookings made before September 30 2021, for travel before December 31 this year.

You can now make up to two flight changes for travel by December 31 2021 for free.

The Zero Change Fee promo is applicable for bookings made after June 10 2020. Flight changes must take place at least seven days before the original scheduled departure dates to avail of promo.

If you're changing after seven days before your flight, standard fees will apply.

It can cost between £35-£95 as well as any differences in fare to changes route, time or dates.

If you are looking to fully change the name on the booking, you can change the name on the flight up to two hours before you fly for a fee of £115 at the time of the booking. Afterwards or at the airport, it's £160.

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