Camilla looks ‘increasingly anxious and wary’ after The Crown and online abuse

Queen and Royal Family listen to Salvation Army at Windsor

Despite this, Charles and Camilla have been performing their duties in public amid the latest in the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday the couple joined the Queen, 94, Prince William and Kate, 38, as well as Princess Anne and Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex.

A body language expert analysed Camilla’s body language in the wake of the latest season of The Crown and online abuse.

Camilla is looking “increasingly anxious and wary” according to Judi James.

“When Camilla is with Charles now, as she was at the end of William and Kate’s rail tour, she will often hold back or look rigid or even distracted,” Judi explained.

“Her role as her husband’s support is still obvious though and when he looks at her or engages her she will respond with a smile and some good humored-looking words, but her rituals do seem to veer between extremes.”

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She went on: “With Andrew and Harry and Meghan all stepping down from front-line duties it had looked like Charles and Camilla and William and Kate would be stepping up to fill the gaps.”

Judi aldo nodded to “Kate’s popularity as a solo performer and her brilliant communication skills during the pandemic, and the way that Sophie Wessex appears to have taken on the role of experienced, older royal matriarch.”

She went claimed Camilla’s “confidence appears to have dipped over The Crown just as Kate and Sophie’s confidence has peaked.”

Speaking in more detail on Camilla’s body language on Monday night, Judi said: “All the royals here look very dutiful, with their hands clasped in front of their torsos as they wait to speak to the Queen, although Camilla appears to have been distracted and is turned away in this crucial line-up.”

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Judi added: “The Queen then actively chats to the band, engaging Charles in the conversation while Camilla stands back slightly, with her rigidly-placed arms suggesting an air of tension or awkwardness.”

The Crown season five has depicted the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla during his marriage to Princess Diana.

It being aired has reignited old animosity towards the pair as the public condemns their actions.

The Crown has been described as a “hatchet job” by

former Buckingham Palace press secretary, Dickie Arbiter.

He said: “It’s a hatchet job on Prince Charles and a bit of a hatchet job on Diana. You have to ask, is it necessary?”

Prince Charles appeared at The Ritz tonight.

Judi claimed the future king looked “totally at home” during the lavish engagement.

Clarence House tweeted: “The Prince of Wales today visited @theritzlondon, which holds HRH’s Royal Warrant, to hear how they have been managing during the pandemic.

“During the visit, His Royal Highness met a range of staff, including the concierge, housekeeping and restaurant teams.”

Judi said: “With its very lavish and rather regal styling it’s no surprise Prince Charles looks totally at home on this visit to the Ritz, just as the staff of the hotel seem to be as they host him.”

Judi claimed Charles’s body language suggests he enjoyed the hotel staff’s eagerness to host him during the special tour.

The expert said: “Charles appears to be enjoying this audience too, clearly judging that they are eager to share his joke. “

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