Bud Light Asks Guy Fieri to Help Mix New Recipe for Super Bowl Commercials

Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercials this year aren’t going to say much about the Bud Light that people know so well.

After four decades of making people laugh with sudsy ads about antics involving Real Men of Genius.  the Bud Knight, Cedric the Entertainer and more, Anheuser-Busch is going to put a spotlight on two Bud Light brand extensions rather than the beer itself. One is Bud Light Next, a zero-carb brew that ought to appeal to consumers pursuing healthier lifestyles, and the other is Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, a new product that aims to use bolder flavors to lure drinkers.

The emphasis on new products shows just how quickly Anheuser-Busch is pivoting to keep pace with consumers seeking healthier refreshment choices and new tastes. One of the biggest pushes on Super Bowl Sunday will be behind the new soda-flavored seltzers. Bud Light has enlisted Guy Fieri, the Food Network personality who often is called “the Mayor of Flavor Town,” to serve in just that capacity.

Bud Light “is our biggest brand by and far and it’s critical to us and to our distributors,” says Andy Goeler, vice president of marketing for Bud Light, but “the brand has got a very high awareness level and after 40 years we have the ability to use the power of the name and put it on these new products. There is a halo effect.”

NBC will broadcast Super Bowl LVI on Sunday, February 13. The network has been seeking between $5.8 million and $6.5 million for a 30-second ad.

In the commercial, a group of friends who crack open a can of the new Bud Light seltzer use their refrigerator to enter a new world, The Land of Loud Flavors. Guy Fieri eventually seeks a taste of the new stuff.

Executives think Fieri’s imprimatur will help consumers make a connection to the new drink, says Goeler. “He’s a chef and obviously connected to flavor.”

Bud Light hasn’t been afraid to give Super Bowl viewers a conversation that’s different from the one they might expect. In 2019, the brand teamed up with WarnerMedia’s HBO for a 60-second spot that quickly morphed from a Bud Light commercial featuring the popular Bud Knight to a promo for the next season of “Game of Thrones” in which the ad figure was killed, savagely.

No marketer can fear making changes when it comes to courting the current batch of consumers, says Goeler. “Consumers are constantly changing, and you have to listen to them You have to be able to provide options for them and the things they are looking for.”

As part of the campaign, fans can enter a sweepstakes now through February 8 that may help them get their name in lights in the Land of Loud Flavors. To do so, they need to post on social media using #LandofLoudFlavors and #Sweepstakes or they can enter at landofloudflavors.com.


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