Brits will need to carry Covid test or vax proof to enter bars, restaurants and shopping malls in Cyprus this summer

BRITS heading to Cyprus will need to show proof of their vaccination or negative Covid test to travel around on holiday, the country's deputy tourism minister has said.

Anyone currently in Cyprus must have a Coronapass, also known as a Safe Pass, to be able to visit cafes, bars and restaurants.

The country only just lifted their lockdown on May 9, and has welcomed tourists back since May 10.

However, tourists, including Brits, will be able to use their Flight Pass which in lieu of the Safe Pass to be able to travel freely throughout the island.

Deputy Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios told the Cyprus Mail: “As long as you have a Cyprus flight pass you can move within the destination in areas where the Coronapass is required.

"The Cyprus Flight Pass will give them permission through email to travel to Cyprus, it will also be valid for their movement within the island."

All arrivals must have a Cyprus Flight Pass, which must be filled in before arrival with details including a negative Covid test, a Covid vaccination or proof of Covid antibodies.

Despite welcoming Brits from May 10, Cyprus was missed off the UK's green list, due to rising Covid cases across the country – Cyprus has the highest cases per million (499, compared to UK's 31).

Instead it is on the amber list meaning Brits have to quarantine for 10 days when returning to the UK.

Mr Perdios added: "We all hope that we will see a better tourism year than last year."

There is hope that more European destinations could be added to the green list next month, with it to be reviewed in three weeks – on June 5.

Only 12 countries are on the green list, of which just four are letting Brits in.

Only Portugal, Gibraltar, Iceland and Israel will soon let Brits back into the country although are likely to require proof of both vaccine jabs.

In the UK, while self-catered holidays can go ahead, group trips and hotel stays will resume from next week.

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