Brides are now wearing designer masks to match their dresses

Bride-to-be spends wedding day sewing masks for community

Joanna Lyne, a North Carolina bride whose wedding was postponed by COVID-19, speaks out on ‘Fox & Friends First’ on how she spent her day instead.

It sure makes your first kiss as husband and wife hard but such is the way of the world now.

Turkey allowed marriages on July 1, after several months of banning them because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a protective mask is obligatory for the brides as well as the guests. In response, Turkish designers are now creating masks to match bridal dresses.

They’re not the first to do so, with designers around the world creating the bedazzled masks.

Oana Chaicac, who opened Angelo Bridal in Dublin in February, said she decided to put face masks on the mannequins in the window for a bit of fun.

“But then we started thinking that perhaps if we created bridal masks we could raise money for frontline staff in St Vincent’s Hospital and even around the country,” she told Dublin Live.

“We are now getting orders from brides asking for face masks to match their wedding dresses due to concerns over health (and) safety.

“They are also asking for masks to team up with their bridesmaids' outfits.”

One designer in the US has even created tuxedo-inspired masks for the groom.

Julie Joyner, of Jules Joyner Designs, said the response to her bride and groom set had been huge.


One woman said she was going to have a mask made from the extra fabric from her wedding dress.

Riva Kalasho, the owner of Lace Boutique in the US, said people liked to look pretty when they were getting married.

“We have different lace fabrics, different floral fabrics and then Swarovski crystals can be added,” she told the Oakland Press.


Brides in India have been making the most of their masks, with couples also having fun with their protection.

And there’s even options for the more glitzier brides – or those with a special event.

Earlier this year, more than 200 couples in the Philippines married in a mass wedding event in masks a lot less chic.

“It feels different to kiss while wearing masks, but it was required,” groom John Paul Inventor told the ABC.

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