Brian May praises Christmas U-turn but says ‘Boris should have had the balls weeks ago’

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The Queen guitarist has been very vocal on Instagram about the government’s handling of the pandemic this year. Just a couple of days ago Brian May was pleading with Brits to have a safe Christmas. The 73-year-old argued that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan would cost thousands of lives.

On Thursday, May wrote: “My plea to you all in Britain is do NOT throw caution to the wind and try to make this coming Christmas just like the last one. It’s only ONE Christmas, for Heaven’s sake !

“Isn’t it worth doing this one safely in a different way – and living to see next Christmas ?!!

“The price of Boris’s Christmas ‘gift’ of loosening up for Christmas will be thousands of lives lost. I don’t want you guys to be part of that statistic.”

The 73-year-old then went on to address fans in other countries around the world.

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May added: “And all you dear folks in other countries – I don’t know what the advice is – but vaccination is on the way – surely it make[s] sense to be patient just a little longer ? With love – Bri.”

But now the Queen legend has shared a new video of himself on his exercise bike, building up his strength after his health problems this year including a heart attack.

~fter today’s Christmas rule relaxation U-turn, he wrote: “When the day is dark and grey, my bike will take my cares away …

“I’m not a pretty sight at the moment, but I wanted you folks to know that in the days when it’s hard to get out of bed, a bit of carefully monitored heart rate raising can really help to chase away the blues.”

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May continued: “So, finally, Boris has taken my advice (!).

“Surely we all knew way ahead of him that trying [to] have a relaxed Christmas was insanity, and was going cost thousands of lives ?

“Well, here is our leader once again being dragged by his heels into making a decision he ought to have had the cohones to make weeks ago.”

The rock star argued that the country wouldn’t be in this situation now if the Prime Minister had acted faster and earlier.

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May argued: “If he’d shown leadership in the early days of the pandemic we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

“And although it might seem tough to postpone Christmas – it’s really not the end of the world.

“We’ve dealt with restrictions for 9 months – surely we can wait another couple of months til the vaccinations kick in ?”

The Queen guitarist went on to say he’s more hopeful for next Easter.

May added: “Plus —- the economic consequences of NOT containing this second wave would be disastrous.

“Much worse than losing a couple of weeks business over the Christmas period.

“Well, I’m dreaming of a nice Easter ! And Christmas next year.

“Stay safe and make sure your family makes it to next Christmas and beyond !!! Love to all. Bri”

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