‘Boris Johnson fails crisis test over handling of coronavirus outbreak’

The seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak has been brought tragically home with the death of the first Briton.

Sadly, it is highly likely there will be other British casualties.

The virus has disrupted schools, major sporting events and businesses.

The stock market has suffered its biggest one-week fall since the 2008 financial crash.

There are questions about whether the NHS has the ability to cope if Covid-19 reaches epidemic proportions.

While there is no cause to panic, the public have a right to be concerned.

At moments such as these they look for leadership and reassurance from the Government and on these counts Boris Johnson has proved woefully inadequate.

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  • England coronavirus patient is first to catch deadly illness within the UK

The Prime Minister is to chair a meeting of the emergency committee Cobra but not until Monday – unacceptable complacency.

During the 2007 foot-and-mouth crisis, PM Gordon Brown chaired Cobra meetings daily.

Opposition parties were kept fully informed and the Chief Vet held a daily press briefing.

We need a similarly robust response.

Corrupt cabal

At one time Britain was admired around the world for the integrity of its politics.

Now we have a situation where money can get you a seat in the House of Lords.

Boris Johnson is reportedly looking to hand peerages to three donors who gave £1.5million to the Tories in the final three months of 2019.

One, Peter Cruddas, resigned as Tory co-Treasurer in 2012 after being filmed offering wealthy donors “access” to David Cameron.

This is not democracy but plutocracy, where the wealthy pull the strings and the rest of us are frozen out.

A golden oldie

World's oldest man Bob Weighton , 111, has more energy than many people half his age and a personality to match.

He’s proof that youth is wasted on the young.

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