Book Monica's apartment from 'Friends' for an overnight stay

Staying in the apartments of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross are a longtime dream for “Friends” fans — and now, they might actually get that chance. and Superfly X are partnering to offer two overnight stays at the “FRIENDS Experience” in New York City. The experience is an immersive pop-up that brings people into the world of the iconic television show with two stories and 18 rooms’ worth of interactive elements, set recreations, props and merchandise.

Those who book will stay overnight in Monica’s apartment — where each of the six friends stayed at some point over the show’s 10-year run. While the apartment had two bedrooms in its fictional world, guests will have a private, one-bedroom accommodation.

PHOTO: "Fans of "Friends" can book an overnight stay on the set recreation of Monica's apartment at the Friends Experience in New York City."

Guests will also receive a private custom tour of the experience, including dinner and drinks, a scavenger hunt, an escape room themed after Phoebe’s cab and breakfast at Central Perk on the first floor — a full-scale recreation of the coffee shop so integral to “Friends.”

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A professional photographer will also be available to take photos of guests during their stay as they recreate some of the show’s most famous scenes, from pivoting a couch up a stairway, to getting married at a Vegas chapel to sitting on the iconic orange couch in front of the fountain from the “Friends” opening.

While guests will be staying in Monica’s apartment, they’ll also be able to hang out at Joey and Chandler’s, relax on their recliners and maybe even play some foosball.

The stays will occur on May 23 and May 24 of this year and will open for booking on May 21 at 10 a.m. ET.

Reservations will be available through’s website for $19.94, priced for the year “Friends” premiered.

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