Body camera video shows police fatally shooting Anthony Alvarez

Chicago officials have released body camera footage of the fatal police shooting of 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez. The city’s police oversight agency released several videos of the shooting Wednesday and recommended the officer be relieved of his duties while a use-of-force investigation continues.

Alvarez was shot during a foot pursuit from police on March 31. In the video, officers can be heard ordering him to drop a gun as Alvarez attempted to run away. Video from a doorbell camera at a nearby home appears to show Alvarez with a gun in his right hand. An officer fires his weapon several times, killing Alvarez.

After the shooting, police shared a photo of a firearm recovered at the scene. The officer who shot Alvarez has been identified as Evan Solano, 30, who has spent more than six years with the city’s police department. 

Earlier Wednesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the chase began as a traffic violation. “We can’t live in a world where a minor traffic offense results in someone being shot and killed,” Lightfoot said. “That’s not acceptable to me, and it shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.”

Before the video was released to the public, Alvarez’s family reviewed footage of the shooting with officials. “I want more answers,” said his mother, Veronica. “The videos I saw don’t explain what I saw in the morgue.”

This story is still ongoing and will be updated. 

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