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THE best karaoke machines are a guaranteed party-starter. 

And if you’ve got a budding Ariana Grande or a mini Ed Sheeran in your midst, nurture that musical talent with one of these clever gadgets, all of which are perfect for kids and teens. 

Even shy musicians won’t be able to resist throwing down some chords once the music starts playing and you pop a microphone in their hand. 

Here’s our pick of some of the best kids’ karaoke machines out right now… 

1. VTech Kidi Superstar DJ 

  • VTech Kidi Superstar DJ, £50 from Argos – buy here 

Aimed at ages six and above, there’s a lot to love about this fun little machine. For one, it’s the only karaoke we tested that came with a stand, which is a great accessory for the true divas who like to picture a stage and screaming crowd as they perform. 

The small machine itself can come off the stand too, so it’s portable and compact. Our three-year-old and six-year-old testers were mesmerised by the number of sounds, lights and functions and it took us a little bit of time to understand everything it could do. 

Once we had it down pat, it was great fun; there’s a DJ mixing mode, four games, six built-in songs and our personal favourite – the voice-changing effects (the chipmunk voice alone had us in stitches for 10 minutes). It can also hook up via a cable to your phone to play your favourite tunes. 

The disco light is another fantastic addition and stood up against much more technical devices. 

It’s not as loud as we expected, which means kids can sing away and not disturb you in the next room, but this could be a negative to any youngster hoping to take the roof off the house. A brilliant little machine for mini stars in the making. 

2. Daewoo Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

  • Daewoo Bluetooth Karaoke Machine, £69.99 from Studio – buy here 

On first impressions, this was the most impressive of all the karaoke machines to arrive; the sort of kit that takes a Celine Dion ballad seriously. 

It comes with two heavy microphones that instantly make you feel like a better singer than you are, plus its LED lights are fab for kicking the party up a notch. 

Two CDs of karaoke classics are included, but there are multiple ways to play your favourite tunes: MP3, USB, an AUX input and via Bluetooth. We loved the machine’s little details like the phone and tablet holder situated on top, plus its handy carry handle. 

It can connect to your TV or tablet to stream lyrics and it’s linked to an app that gives you a select number of songs for free. At a price, you can subscribe to access a huge selection of anthems, or you can buy a few karaoke CDs to get you going. 

The sound quality was really good and it's great to be able to sing a duet right away, without having to buy an extra microphone. Our mini testers were obsessed with this machine and enjoyed making music for a few hours (with no arguments over microphones), so in our book, it’s a winner. 

3. LOL Surprise MP3 Karaoke 

  • LOL Surprise MP3 Karaoke , £59.99 from Very – buy here 

For the popstar just starting out in their singing career, this piece of kit by famous and unstoppable brand LOL Surprise is a good option. 

Not a traditional karaoke machine as such, singers can connect to the machine via Bluetooth and stream their favourite songs wirelessly out of its speakers, using the included microphone to belt them out.

The internal memory can store hundreds of MP3 files and there’s a USB port to load even more tunes. A colourful light show also shines out from the machine. 

We found the sound quality decent and our testers enjoyed the echoey voice effect. They also skipped between tracks with ease and could navigate the menu with no problems.

If your mini performer adores LOL Surprise and knows exactly the songs they want to sing, this machine is a fantastic choice. 

4. Goodmans Portable Disco Karaoke 

  • Goodmans Portable Disco Karaoke, £69.99 from Factory Outlet – buy here 

A petite spherical unit, this shiny karaoke machine brings the party to your living room. With an in-built, rotating disco ball that projects a light show as you sing, this small karaoke machine will give your performance the X factor.

It comes with one microphone and a CD of singalong tunes with lyrics that can be read straight off the TV once hooked up. It’s easy enough to set up and we were hitting the high notes within 10 minutes of opening the box. 

It has a flip-up carry handle and its miniature size make it ideal for moving around the house. The buttons and interface reminded us of a retro CD player, which was strangely comforting.

The machine’s sound quality is good and it has a few nifty features, including Auto Vocal Control, but it doesn’t boast Bluetooth connectivity, like some of the other machines. 

Its colourful, compact design is a show-stopper and our little divas had a fantastic time honing their singing skills. 

5. Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine

  • Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine, £69.99 from Lucky Voice – buy here 

When it comes to karaoke, Lucky Voice is an authority, having introduced private karaoke rooms to the UK way back in 2005. Recreating that party vibe in your home is easy with this kit, which simply plugs into your computer or tablet and a set of speakers to transform it into a karaoke machine.

Included in the kit is a voucher for a month’s worth of unlimited songs, which covers everything from chart-topping tunes to old classics. You’ll need to subscribe thereafter for £6.99 a month if you want to continue the service and you can cancel anytime.  

The machine itself was uncomplicated to get going – and there are excellent instructional videos on the Lucky Voice website if you do get stuck. The microphone felt professional and we loved the different colour options available – gold, pink, blue, rose gold or white. 

It has a cooler feel to it than other machines we tested and we can picture teens loving it – with no flashing lights (way too cringe for the indie youngsters), there are new songs added to the library all the time, so kids can belt out their favourite new releases almost as soon as they land. 

You can even use your phone as a remote control to queue up songs, which is a clever touch. This Lucky Voice kit does its job as a karaoke machine fabulously and its constantly evolving song library and ease of use offer a modern, simple way forward for home karaoke.

6. Frozen 2 MP3 Bluetooth Karaoke 

  • Frozen 2 MP3 Bluetooth Karaoke , £49.99 from Robert Dyas – buy here 

Want to really up the ante at a princess party? This Frozen 2 Bluetooth Karaoke is guaranteed to cause a major stir amongst mini Elsa and Anna fans. 

Of all the machines, this was the quickest to get up and running. It wirelessly streams audio via Bluetooth, plus it has a USB port, it can store MP3 files and it comes with one microphone. 

Within minutes our testers were belting out Let it Go while the machine’s LED light show flashed. Like other karaoke devices aimed at younger singers, it’s a touch on the quiet side, but our mini performers more than made up for it with their warbling. 

It’s an uncomplicated piece of equipment that will delight Frozen fans and provide hours of entertainment. 

What is the best karaoke machine for kids?

Children love flashy lights and cool voice effects like an echo, plus clear sound quality is a major plus. A top karaoke machine for children should also be easy enough for them to use on their own, light and portable, and have enough features to hold their attention. 

How much does a karaoke machine cost?

Prices vary drastically depending on features and the age the product is aimed at, but it’s possible to pick up a kids karaoke machine for under £50. For machines that have good-quality speakers and other technical bells and whistles, the sky’s the limit. 

Where can I purchase a karaoke machine from?

Online is your best bet for such a specialist purchase and many toy shops stock brilliant play karaoke machines designed for younger children. For older kids and teens who mean business, it’s worth heading to a specific karaoke machine manufacturer for a higher level of features and quality.

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