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WITH fibre-optic broadband getting rolled out to more and more of the country, there's fewer excuses for not having decent quality speeds in your home.

But just because you're getting top quality broadband, doesn't mean you have to spend top dollar. We've hunted down the best broadband deals below.

If you haven't switched your broadband for a couple of years, it could be worth doing so.

You'll often find your rates climbing the longer you're with a provider, when you could be getting the same package far cheaper elsewhere.

We've taken a look around the web at the best deals available right now.

Although it's worth doing a bit of your own research as well, as the availability of certain packages and prices can change depending on your location.

Best broadband deals in August 2020

  1. Hyperoptic, 50 Mbps average, £22 a month – buy here
  2. Plusnet, 36 Mbps average, £22.99 a month – buy here
  3. Vodafone, 35 Mbps average, £23 a month – buy here
  4. BT, 35 Mbps average, £24.99 a month – buy here
  5. Now TV, 36 Mbps average, £25 a month – buy here
  6. Sky, 59 Mbps average, £27 a month – buy here
  7. Zen, 35 Mbps average, £29.99 a month – buy here
  8. Virgin Media, 108 Mbps average, £44 a month – buy here
  9. Utility Warehouse, 63 Mbps average – get a quote here
  10. Shop Three's broadband deals here

Can I switch broadband providers at any time?

You can switch your broadband provider at any time, but if you're still in your contract period (when you sign up for a package, you'll often sign on for a year or two) you might well have to pay a substantial fee to end your contract early.

If you're not sure, check your contract to see how much time you have left or if your contract has expired.

If your initial contract has expired, and you've been moved onto a rolling contract, you should be able to switch providers without any fuss.

But if you've still got some time to go before your contract expires, you could look at upgrading your contract with your existing provider to boost your broadband speed.

What broadband speed should I go for?

The speed of broadband you need depends on what you're planning on using it for.

If your home has one or two people using the internet to stream TV shows and films, or to upload the odd photo to Facebook or Instagram, you won't need much more than 5-10 Mbps (Megabits per second) to avoid buffering.

If you've got a larger family, all of whom are streaming, online gaming and/or uploading videos to Instagram and Tik Tok, you're going to want something in the range of 10-30 Mbps.

You'll want to consider superfast broadband (speeds of 30 Mbps or above) if you're regularly downloading whole films or games to your devices, or you need to upload substantial digital files to the web.

We reckon it's a good idea to get a bit more broadband speed than the bare minimum, though, because if you find yourself stuck in your house for a few months, it's nice to have a decent connection so your Zoom calls and House Party gatherings can continue without a hitch.

Should I choose a broadband package based on price?

Price should definitely be a factor in your choice of broadband provider.

Often, the speed available at your home will be down to the infrastructure of the wiring near you, rather than the provider (find out your available speed using a checker, such as this one).

That means the price should be one of your primary concerns, along with good customer service and fast installation times.

We've picked out the best broadband providers if you want a bit of inspiration.

What else can I do to get good broadband?

If the speed of your broadband is good, but the Wi-Fi is patchy in your home, it could be worth looking at getting a new router, a signal booster, or mesh system, which uses multiple routers to ensure a steady internet connection wherever you are in your home.

If you're a subscriber to a TV service, such as Sky, BT or Virgin, you could get a discounted broadband subscription as part of your package.

For instance, you can get a basic Sky TV package for £25 per month and a super fast fibre-optic broadband package from Sky for £27 a month (£52 total) or you can get a TV and fibre bundle for £39, saving you quite a lot in the long run.

Enjoyed our round-up of cheap broadband deals? We've also picked out the best broadband providers for your peace of mind.

Looking to boost your signal? We found the best routers on the web.

It's important to shop around to find the best broadband deals. Check out Times Money Mentor's guide to budgeting for other tips.

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