BBC Breakast Naga Munchetty shares fury as colleague harassed by group of men

Naga Munchetty is part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign that aims to raise awareness on the women's safety.

As part of the series, the BBC Breakfast star headed on a night out with a group of students from Leeds University alonside her production team, Madeleine Briggs, Laura Yates and Samhar Gowar.

She later delved deep into the discussion on her BBC Radio 5 Live show which included the young women's personal experiences and interviews from experts.

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In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the 47-year-old detailed her series on women's safety and told the story of what happened to a colleague of hers when she was approached by a group of older men in a bar.

Naga said: "I was talking to one of my colleagues who is 32 and she has a friend two friends who are 29 and 26.

"They were in a nightclub and there was a group of older guys in this club or bar and they said to one of the girls, 'If you pick that note up with your teeth, I'll buy you drinks all night'.

"They were like, 'er, no', and then they harassed them to the point where one of the girls ended up giving a fake number for them to go away – because they persisted."

"How the hell is this happening?," she asked.

The star continued: "How the hell does an older group of guys who are probably husbands, partners, brothers, maybe even fathers, think it's okay to talk to women like that? This happened around two weeks ago."

Naga went to university in Leeds and admitted she would occasionally walk home alone if she had to, but noted young women rarely do this now.

"When I was at Leeds we always made sure we came home together. There was the occasional time I would walk home alone down a couple of streets and I'd be scared but I would do it anyway," the news anchor explained.

Naga added: "Now, the difference is these girls are scared and they don't do it. They will either not go out or they will get a taxi or make sure they're being walked home by someone they know."

The presenter noted that her attitudes as a student were different to nowadays as she explained: "It wasn't free, but it was more free than theirs's is now."


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