Bad Bunny Showed Up at WWE's Royal Rumble and Got Some Impressive Offense In

Bad Bunny made a special appearance at the Royal Rumble, one of WWE’s most anticipated events of the year, last night, Jan. 31. The Puerto Rican hip-hop sensation performed one of his most recent hits in-between matches, as had been announced prior to the show, but later on, he got physical with a pair of wrestlers in impressive fashion.

Bad Bunny performed his most recent hit, ‘Booker T’

Bad Bunny (real name, Benito Ocasio) performed “Booker T,” the third single off his most recent album, El Último Tour Del Mundo, just before the Women’s Royal Rumble match. A huge fan of professional wrestling, he named the song after a WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Booker accompanied Ocasio during the performance, decked out in military gear and sporting a stoic demeanor, just as he did for the song’s official video.

But it wasn’t over after that. Later on, Ocasio got into a backstage altercation with the obnoxious tag team of The Miz and John Morrison. During the Men’s Royal Rumble match, he stormed to the ring and began distracting Miz and Morrison, causing them to get eliminated by Damian Priest. That’s when things got physical.

Just about the best cross-body splash you could expect from a first-time performer. Most of the time when a celebrity makes a guest appearance on a wrestling show, their attempts at offense don’t turn out that well. Just look at poor Snoop Dogg going for a frog splash at a recent AEW show.

The rapper is one of the more popular guests WWE has had lately

Widely considered one of the most popular musical acts in the world right now, Ocasio is easily amongst biggest mainstream stars that WWE has managed to work with. The company famously partnered with Cyndi Lauper during its rise to prominence in the 1980s, and more recent guests have included the likes of Marshmello and Pitbull.

One of Ocasio’s recent collaborators might also be in line for a wrestling cameo soon. After getting name-dropped on an episode of Monday Night Raw last month, Cardi B took to Twitter to respond, jokingly ripping on WWE for ruining her debut.

“This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be !” she said in a tweet. “Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F****N DAYS !!!!”

The rapper later responded to fans asking if she was a fan of wrestling, Billboard reported, explaining that she watched when she was younger, around the time when John Cena, Triple H, Trish Stratus, and our old friend Booker T were the cream of the crop.

While Cardi B’s response to the namedrop seemed like an unplanned reaction, her back-and-forth with the company and its stars nonetheless fueled speculation that she would appear at WrestleMania 37. The event is scheduled for April 11 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. It will be the company’s first event with live, ticketed fans since March 2020.

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