Another Pristine Charizard Card Sells for Over $300,000 USD

The Pokémon Trading Card Game hype continues to expand, and now another Charizard holo card has sold for more than $300,000 USD.

Originally listed over on eBay for a mere $9.99 USD, the sale ended after 124 bids, which pushed its final price to a staggering $311,800 USD. The card itself is as pristine and rare as they come, being a shadowless first-edition printing with a 10 GEM MINT rating from Professional Sports Authenticator.

Despite the massive price tag, however, it sold for significantly less than two other recent Charizard cards that went on sale. One of them set a new world record for the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold, with the winning bid reaching $369,000 USD, while another one surfaced in January this year and ultimately went for $350,100 USD.

Elsewhere in related news, eBay has introduced a TCG mobile app scanner.
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