American TikTok star reveals why life is better in UK – and it includes Greggs, B&M and curry

A TIKTOK star from the US has shared what is better in the UK than in the America, which even includes yum yums from Greggs.

Nick Alexander, who goes by the name Mr Miami on TikTok, moved from Florida to Wolverhampton to study.

His TikTok videos have soared in popularity with more than one million views.

In the recent video, the first thing he says are the best are Greggs yum yums.

He commented: "It's like the best place on earth for early morning snacks.

"Make sure you have it with a cup of coffee, or a hot chocolate or a tea."

He continues for number 2two: "American friends, when you get to the UK don't be afraid to cross the street, because you won't get shot in the back by the police, even if you cross on red without looking."

In the US, jaywalking is illegal – in the UK, no such law exists.

He hilariously also raved about B&M, saying it must be for "the baby and the mother".

Mr Alexander said: "You can get toys for your kids then you can get something nice for your baby mama."

His love of Ribena also made the list – although said he "didn't know what a blackcurrant is but its nice."

Other things that got a mention was the NHS, saying "how could you beat free healthcare" and telling Americans to "get over here and get free citizenship" as well as Indian food which he said you "can't go wrong with on a Friday night".

TikTok users loved his enthusiasm – one person said: "This makes me want to live in the UK. And I live in the UK."

Another person said: "As a Brit I stand by this statement."

Someone else added: "I love how Greggs is up there with the NHS, god bless the fuel of the north.

Others offered their own suggestions of what makes the UK great, including Walkers Sensation crisps, Vimto and fish and chips, while others found it hilarious that he didn't know what a blackcurrant was.

Thankfully someone was on hand to explain: "A blackcurrant is a small berry kind of like a blackberry/blueberry but its in the shape of a small blueberry."

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