A Colorado couple had a marijuana-themed wedding with a custom bridal bong and edibles for guests

  • Dusty and Clara Higgins from Colorado personalized their ranch wedding by making it weed-themed, complete with edibles and a cannabis bar.
  • Dusty told Insider: "All the guests really enjoyed it and there was no tension."
  • The couple have worked in the cannabis industry for 12 years and met when Dusty gave Clara a spliff, according to Metro.
  • Clara, who had a custom bridal bong specially made for the occasion, said so many people reached out wanting something similar for their own nuptials that the couple have now launched a wedding bong line.
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A couple from Colorado celebrated their wedding with a personal theme close to both their hearts — marijuana.

According to Metro, the nuptials of Dusty and Clara Higgins were held at their ranch in June 2017 and included a bar with bongs, pipes and different floral cannabis varieties to choose from.

They also served edibles to their party guests.

Clara Higgins had a custom bridal bong specially made for the big day.
Dusty Higgins

Dusty told Insider that while not everyone was dipping into the weed-themed favors, "all the guests really enjoyed it and there was no tension."

"We had guests that do not partake in cannabis, [but] they still respect our lifestyle, they know how hard we work, they know our love for our children is number one priority so we have the support from our families," he said.

Guests were free to partake in weed or not.
Dusty Higgins

The pair told Metro their blazing love story began when Clara worked in a local bar and Dusty ended up giving her a spliff. 

Dusty told Insider that he and his wife now grow weed in their backyard, so guests could see the crop behind the reception area. 

He added that the couple have been in the cannabis industry for 12 years and own two shops, called The Bee Dynasty, in Colorado.

Clara is also an Instagram influencer for the marijuana industry.

The couple grow their own cannabis in the backyard of their ranch.
Dusty Higgins

Like most brides who personalize shoes, dresses, or wedding trinkets, Clara had a custom wedding bong made for the big day by cannabis company Noble Glass, according to the Metro.

Dustry told Insider that since the photos of the wedding have been released, lots of people have reached out wanting their own bridal bong made with a wedding color palette which is unique to them.

The entrepreneurial couple spotted a gap in the market, and have now released a Queenbee wedding bong series with Noble Glass, which is an industry first.

Dusty told Insider that people have reached out wanting their own wedding bong.
Dusty Higgins

When asked if there's any pressure on their future entertaining after the wedding, Dusty told Insider: "I think the only pressure we feel is to continue to represent the cannabis community, and to set an example to others. To not fear judgment as a parent if you use cannabis, to not feel less than because of cannabis. 

"The stigma still exists, but slowly through hard work, re-education, and honesty we are seeing that stigma fade."

After their vows, Clara took the first bong rip in front of guests and then passed it to Dusty.
Dusty Higgins

The Metro reports that after the couple made their vows and kissed, the officiate gave Clara her wedding bong to smoke in front of the ceremony guests, and then passed it to her new husband for the next toke.

Clara said: "I took the first bong rip in front of everyone and he took the next! It's like jumping the broom but for stoners."

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