2021 National Hurling and Football Leagues: Tables from all divisions in both codes

The 2021 National Leagues take on a novel format due to the truncated season.

In the small ball, there will be no knockout phase in the top tier. The two counties who win Division 1 groups A and B will be declared joint-champions. Should those two teams meet in the championship, that match will double up as the National League final.

In football, each division is split into two groups of four. Each team will play three matches. The top two from each group will then move into semi-finals, followed by a potential final on June 19/20, if the counties involved do not have championship openers the following weekend. The bottom two teams in each divisional group will proceed to a relegation play-off.

NHL Division 1A

NHL Division 1B

NHL Division 2A

NHL Division 2B

NHL Division 3A

NHL Division 3B

NFL Division 1 North

NFL Division 1 South

NFL Division 2 North

NFL Division 2 South

NFL Division 3 North

NFL Division 3 South

NFL Division 4 North

NFL Division 4 South

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