15 Richest Fictional Characters Of All Time

Fans of the ultra-rich love to dive into the luxurious lives of their favorite famous person. For some, it’s hard to imagine having million-dollar homes, luxury amenities and an unlimited travel budget.

Forbes, fans, and online sleuths began a fun tradition nearly a decade ago that many might not consider while they’re watching their favorite movie or television show. Just how much is the richest fictional character worth?

They may not be real, but their bank account is just as big as your favorite celebrity.

15 Jay Gatsby – $1 Billion

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Remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gatsby character in the The Great Gatsby? He lives a less-than prosperous life as a child but earns his fortune as a bootlegger in the 1920’s. Gatsby spent much of his fortune on a mansion in Long Island and lavish parties, all to impress the love of his life, Daisy.

14 Lady Mary Crawley – $1.1 Billion

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The Downtown Abbey character was wealthy from the inheritance she received from her father, but after the death of her husband, Matthew Crawley, her net worth skyrocketed over the billion-dollar mark.

13 Mr. Monopoly – $1.2 Billion

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That’s right, the banker we all know and love has risen to the top of the real estate industry since 1935. According to Go Banking Rates, Mr. Monopoly was originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags and his appearance, with a fancy suit and top hat tells passersby, this man has money. Given his ability to monopolize the Hasbro board game, it’s no wonder he’s managed to become ultra-rich.

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12 Lara Croft – $1.3 Billion

The recipient of a large trust fund, Croft has fought hard to succeed by her own right and earned a degree in archaeology. According to Veranda, Croft spends her wealth traveling the world and seeking adventure. The ancient tombs and ruins fit right in with her archaeology interests.

11 Walden Schmidt – $1.3 Billion

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Ashton Kutcher’s character from Two and a Half Men made his fortune from start-ups and investments. He made his first million by the age of 19 and didn’t mind spending the fortune on his Malibu beach home, ex-wife and best friend, Alan.

10 Montgomery Burns – $1.5 Billion

The Simpson character was born into a poor family but as luck would have it, was adopted by a wealthy billionaire who taught him the importance of money. According to The Things, Burns is known for his lack of generosity and care toward employees or business, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

9 Christian Grey – $2.5 Billion

He has a double life and founded Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc after receiving $100,000 to start his business from a friend of his late mother. In the second “Fifty Shades of Grey” novel, it’s shared that Grey earns $100,000 an hour from Grey Enterprises and as we can see, he spends most of his fortune on fast cars and other fancy possessions.

8 Richie Rich – $5.8 Billion

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Richie Rich received his fortune as an inheritance from his father and he takes the title as the youngest fictional billionaire. Rich taught many other eight-year-olds to invest in projects that make the world a better place, rather than spend it on frivolous items.

7 Bruce Wayne – $9.2 Billion

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After watching his parents die at a young age, Wayne inherited enormous wealth – enough to afford the bat mobile. Wayne spent his days fighting crimes like the one he witnessed in childhood behind his father’s company façade, Wayne Enterprise.

6 Charles Foster Kane – $11.2 Billion

Citizen Kane is the classic film that takes Kane through a poor childhood to the wealth behind a massive newspaper corporation. The gold his family mined was the source of his eventual success and a little hard work didn’t hurt either.

5 Tony Stark – $12.4 Billion

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Stark Industries launched the young entrepreneur into billionaire status. With an engineer’s mind and inventor’s talent, Stark not only expanded his father’s business but also created the Avengers team member, Iron Man.

4 Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks – $36.2 Billion

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The harsh businessman with a heart for little orphan Annie is the CEO of a successful defense contractor. Much of his billions has been donated to charity at the urging of his adopted daughter and the income keeps rising.

3 Carlisle Cullen – $46 Billion

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This may not be fair – after all, the Twilight character has been alive for 343 years. However, he’s been doing a lot of good through his medical career over the centuries and it doesn’t hurt that Cullen made some very smart investments back in 1670. Imagine what we could earn if we all have hundreds of years to amass a fortune.

2 Smaug – $54.1 Billion

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The Hobbit’s very own dragon never speaks a word but has managed to invade the town of Dale, which happens to be sitting on a pile of gold – so much gold, he has precious stones and diamonds encrusted in his belly and owns a giant diamond, the “Arkenstone of Thrain”, worth more than much of the rest combined.

1 Scrooge McDuck – $65.4 Billion

We’ve seen the story of Scrooge over the years. Not only does he have a ton of money, he doesn’t care to share it either. From Mickey’s Christmas Carol to the Ducktales franchise, Donald Duck’s uncle has wanted for nothing and continues to rake in the dough through hard business deals and thrifty spending.

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