Zach Roloff Raves Over Chris Marek: He’s a Great Guy!

For reasons that continue to defy comprehension, many Little People, Big World fans out there simply don’t like Chris Marek.

They’ve accused him of not really loving Amy Roloff… of being a gold digger… and even of being gay.

It’s been pretty depressing to read these unfounded critiques, to be honest.

Now that Marek is engaged to Amy, however, Zach Roloff has spoken out about his future stepfather, basically telling Us Weekly that the social media trolls have it way wrong.

They’re totally off-base with all negative remarks about Marek.

Simply put, his mother’s fiance is awesome!

“She has a companion that she will be with for probably the rest of her life. Chris is a great guy,” Zach told Us earlier this month, adding that he has a terrific relationship with Marek:

“We play board games together all the time and we just see eye to eye on a lot of things.”

After three years of dating, the real estate agent proposed to the reality star in September, ending months of speculation and sparking major excitement for their wedding to come.

The couple is planning to get hitched some time in 2021.

Amy, of course, was previously married to Matt Roloff for nearly three decades.

The pair split in 2016, but have continued to work together and even live on the same property ever since then.

On this week’s new episode of Little People, Big World, we’ll see Amy and Matt clash over a fence the latter wants to construct on the family farm, saying it epitomizes the fresh start for each now that Amy has moved off the land.

What is the relationship actually like between the ex-spouses?

Zach touched on this subject as well when talking to the aforementioned tabloid.

“They’re getting along fine,” Zach says of his parents, expounding as follows:

“They’re just trying to figure out the farm deal.

‘My mom’s transitioning off and everything, and you’ll see that in the upcoming season. It’s an ongoing discussion for them, but I think they’re dealing with it as best they can, being a divorced couple but also business partners still…

“It’s not like they can’t be in the same room together.”

Truth be told, Amy and Matt have remained very amicable.

Even in the wake of the former accusing the latter of cheating on her with Caryn Chandler.

“I believe — this is all from my perspective — that there was more than just friends going on,” the TLC personality said in a resurfaced Facebook Live video back in March 2019, adding at the time:

“I think that evolved to a point where that got in the way of our marriage as well.”

Zach didn’t delve into any of these sordid details in discussing his mother and father.

But he did sort of joke with the magazine that Amy and Matt will “probably not” be going on any double dates any time soon.

They get along just fine, but let’s not go overboard here: There’s still some tension and there probably always will be.

Amy and Matt understand what’s important, though, and put as much of it aside as possible for the sake of their family.

“There’s a bigger goal in mind now with the grandbabies,” Zach said to Us, referencing his two kids and also his brother’s two kids, prior to concluding:

“Everyone wants to set up a positive environment for them, so everyone gets along as what they need to.”

That’s the sign of a mature, loving family.

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