Yungblud Drops Video For New Single ‘Weird!’

Yungblud released a video for his new single “Weird!” on Monday, April 27.

The video, made with his three-person quarantine crew at his Los Angeles home, begins with the singer being asked what story he would tell if today was his last day on earth. After pondering the question for a while, Yungblud responds through song.

Right through the song, the rocker is seen gliding around his roof with his guitar, grinning widely as he climbs up and down ladders, and letting out wild screams as he bounces on his bed.

“I want luck I want love / Sharing earphones on the bus / And wake up next to you in Glasgow,” he sings. “Don’t wreck your brain / It’ll be alright / We’re in a weird time of life.”

“Right now, everybody is trapped within four walls trying to figure out what the f**k is going on,” he said. “Currently, I’m trapped in L.A. with my best friends. We made this for $100 and this might be my favorite video we’ve ever made. I think you can see the happiness from it coming out of the screen.”

Yungblud also released the first episode of his new YouTube Originals series Stay Home With Yungblud on Monday.

In the first episode of his new series, he narrates his his quarantined life and also presents behind-the-scenes footage of the “Weird!” video shoot along with intimate shots of him cooking and catching up with his family back in the U.K.

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