Will Smith's ex-wife defends him after Oscars slap, says she hopes fans allow him to be 'human,' plus more news

Sheree Zampino weighs in on ex, Will Smith’s Oscars slap

Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Zampino is defending her ex in the wake of fallout over the now infamous moment at the 2022 Oscars when he stormed onstage and slapped Chris Rock. “I hope people allow [Will] to be human,” Sheree, who shares 29-year-old son Trey Smith with Will, told the Daily Mail in an interview published Friday, Aug. 19. “I really hope for that because I stand in support of him, we are on good terms.” She added, “You cannot heal without forgiveness.” Will has largely avoided the public eye since the incident, which was sparked by a joke Chris made about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. (Jada has been open about the fact that she suffers from alopecia-related hair loss.) He did make an effort to apologize to Chris, however, in the statement he shared on Instagram the day after the awards show. From Sheree’s perspective, her Oscar-winning ex deserves some margin of error for his response to Chris’ joke. “[Will] gives so generously, he puts love into everything he does, he’s so gracious so kind,” Sheree said. “He has given us years of laughter. I hope people allow the opportunity for him to be human.” Her words echo those of Will and Jada’s daughter, Willow Smith, who referred to the slap as a moment of her dad’s “humanness” that was at odds with his celebrity status in a recent interview with Billboard. “I see my whole family as being human, and I love and accept them for all their humanness,” Willow told the outlet this summer. “Because of the position that we’re in, our humanness sometimes isn’t accepted, and we’re expected to act in a way that isn’t conducive to a healthy human life and isn’t conducive to being honest.”

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Frances Bean Cobain admits she wasn’t sure she’d see her 30th birthday

Courtney Love and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, entered a new decade on Thursday, Aug. 18 — one she didn’t necessarily expect she’d ever see. “30 !!! I made it. Honestly, 20 year old Frances wasn’t sure that was going to happen,” the birthday girl marveled on Instagram, sharing photos of friends and family and a few funny memes. The artist and model, whose father died by suicide when she was just 1, went on to write candidly about her personal growth over the past 10 years. “At the time, an intrinsic sense of deep self loathing dictated by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms & more trauma than my body or brain knew how to handle, informed how I saw myself and the world, through a lens of resentment for being brought into a life that seemingly attracted so much chaos and the kind of pain tied to grief that felt inescapable,” she recalled of her younger years. “Then, an event on a plane which brought me closer in proximity to death is ironically the event that catapulted me towards running at this lived experience with radical gratitude,” she continued, referencing an ordeal in 2017 when the wing of a plane she was on caught fire in the air. “I’m glad to have proven myself wrong & to have found ways to transform pain into knowledge,” she wrote. After sharing a Jaiya John quote that read, “the softer she became with herself, the softer she became with the world,” Frances said she “tries to remember” that idea every day. “Entering this new decade I hope to stay soft no matter how hardening the world can feel at times, bask in the present moment with reverence, shower the people I am lucky enough to love with more appreciation than words could ever do justice & hold space to keep learning, so the growth never stops,” she wrote. “I’m happy to be here & I’m happy you’re here too.”

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Olivia Newton-John honored with ‘Grease’ screenings to benefit cancer research

“Grease” is returning to the big screen this weekend in honor of Olivia Newton-John, who died on Aug. 8 at 73 after a long battle with breast cancer. Beginning Friday, Aug. 19, more than 100 AMC theaters across the country will screen the classic 1978 musical as a tribute to the late star, the company announced Thursday. Tickets to the special showings will cost just $5, with $1 from each ticket sold going to breast cancer research via the AMC Cares Charitable Fund, the company said in a press release. Following Olivia’s death earlier this month, her “Grease” co-star and close friend, John Travolta, was among the scores of social media users who posted public remembrances of the singer and actress. “My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better,” wrote John, who played Danny Zuko opposite Olivia’s Sandy Olsson in “Grease.” “Your impact was incredible. I love you so much,” he continued. “We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Yours from the moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John!”

Jessie J gets candid about grief after miscarriage

Since she lost her pregnancy in November 2021, singer Jessie J has been committed to sharing her experience with others. She did just that on Instagram on Friday, Aug. 18, sharing an emotional post about what it means to have had then lost a chance at motherhood. “When I was 16 years old, I wrote a list of things I wanted by the time I was 30,” she wrote alongside a pair of throwback images. “[First] thing on the list was to be a Mum. Now I’m nearly 35 and some days the grief of losing a baby and it not being easy to have one, and wanting my life in that way to look completely different to what it looks like right now just overwhelms me,” she admitted. “I know it’s healthy and normal to have days of complete sadness and to honor all the feelings that come up, good and bad,” the singer explained. “The bad isn’t often at all and yes I could go through this moment right now today alone in private and usually do, but today I am here. Because I know thousands of people around the 🌎 feel just like I do.” She added:”Maybe you read this and feel the love I have for you. I hope you can. Connecting is key. Hugging you all 🤍.” During a concert in London earlier this year, Jessie addressed the miscarriage while onstage, recalling to fans how a stranger had spoken to her that day and encouraged her not to keep her emotions bottled up inside. “The day it happened, a man came up to me in the street. I was by myself and crying. He said, ‘I don’t know you and I don’t know what is happening with you right now but I know you should share it with other people,'” she said at the time, according to the Daily Mail. “That is why I do what I do,” she explained. “So to anyone who has been through that, or near someone who has, I am so sorry. There is no other way to explain it than just the saddest, loneliest thing.”

Blake Shelton says his career takes ‘a backseat to Gwen and the kids’ in his ‘new phase of life’

At 46, Blake Shelton is embracing “a new phase” of life, where his music career no longer comes first. That place of honor now belongs to a certain singer who he tied the knot with last summer. “Look, I love music and I love ‘The Voice.’ I love all the cool things I get to do with my job, but those things all take a backseat now to Gwen and the kids and it’s just a new phase of my life,” he says of Gwen Stefani and her three sons in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. Blake’s new phase also seems to be inspiring his music. On his new single, “No Body,” “The Voice” star sings about wanting to ditch the bar scene so he can get home to the person he loves. Since he released the track with a ’90s-centric video — in which he rocks a ’90s-esque, country mullet — ET asked how Blake’s younger self would have reacted to learning he’d eventually marry Gwen, whose band No Doubt was releasing massive hits like “Don’t Speak” in that era. Turns out Blake wasn’t exactly front row for No Doubt’s heyday. “I would have probably said, ‘Are you talking about that girl that holds up the orange in her video?’ I never understood until now that she’s from Orange County,” he says. “My entire life of knowing who Gwen Stefani even was was ‘Is that the girl that holds the orange up in the video? Oh my god, she’s so hot, but why is she obsessed with this freaking orange, you know?'” Gwen, 52, tied the knot with Blake in July 2021 after the pair met on the set of “The Voice.”

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