Why Does Madison Leave ‘The Bachelor’? Her Finale Exit Has Fans Shook

The two-part finale of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor finally arrived, and with all of the episode’s developments, this season might just live up to the title of being "the most dramatic season to date," as the franchise classically touts. After making it to the final two, one contestant decided to walk away from it all leaving fans shook AF. So, why does Madison leave The Bachelor?

Madison made it to Peter’s final two contestants, although the last week of her love story with The Bachelor was pretty rocky. Leading up to Fantasy Suite Week, Madison told Peter she would feel differently about their relationship if he decided to sleep with another contestant. Yet, Peter decided to take it to that next level with at least one other lady, and he told Madison this when her own Fantasy Suite date arrived. She walked off then, but came back for the rose ceremony and progressed on to the final two with Hannah Ann.

After a shaky meeting with Peter’s parents, where they made it pretty clear that they preferred Hannah Ann to Madison, Peter was very upfront that despite their hesitation, Madison was potentially his choice. We got the famous "bring her home to us" scene, where it turns out his mom was talking about Hannah Ann. Peter’s response? To put his parents in their place.

The next day, Peter takes Madison on a very Peter date of helicopter sightseeing. At first they cuddled and giggled and all seemed well in the world. Then, because this is The Bachelor, things turn sour. During the ride, Peter was the happy Peter fans fell in love with, and Hannah was suffering from some serious resting sad face.

One they landed, Madison opened up and basically said while she had a blast on the ride, she needed to leave.

The reason? She doesn’t want to change him, and she doesn’t want to be changed.

"Things have been brought more into focus in the past day," she tells him, after he asks why she came back only to break his heart again. "When it comes to marriage and lifestyles," she continued, "I can see how different it all is [between us]."

After Peter insisted that he was willing to do whatever it took, Madison stayed true to the woman we’ve seen the entire season and stood her ground by saying,

Heartbroken, Peter gives one final plea and asked, "you really believe that?" To which Madison breaks all of Bachelor Nations’ hearts by confirming her feelings.

The two walk slowly to the car where they hug for what feels like an entire lifetime before tearfully parting. He walks away in tears and she breaks down in the car before admitting, “Even though I wanted to be with him, I feel in my heart it’s the right thing to do.”

Still, Chris Harrison hasn’t stopped hinting that no one knows what will happen next, so it looks like fans have to wait until "After The Final Rose" to see who, if anyone, Peter finds his happily ever after with.

Tune into Part 2 of The Bachelor finale on Tuesday, March 9 at 8pm on ABC.

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