Why Do So Many People Believe That Andy Kaufman Faked His Own Death?

Andy Kaufman was considered a lot of things. Some fansconsider him acomedic genius, others think of him as the world’s greatest performanceartist. His longtime writing partner, Bob Zmuda, considered him something of abehavioral psychologist. If the rumors about his 1984 death are correct, hemight be the greatest prankster of all time. Kaufman died of cancer in Californiain 1984, at least, that’s what his death certificate says. Still, there is alarge group of fans and even longtime friends who believe Kaufman faked his death and has beenliving out his best life, away from the spotlight, in hopes of pulling off thegreatest prank of all time.

How did Andy Kaufman die?

In the fall of 1983, Kaufman developed a cough. He visited severaldoctors over the course of a few months. When doctors couldn’t find anythingwrong, he checked himself into the hospital for a series of medical tests.

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It was then that he was diagnosed with cancer. Kaufman, whowas just 34 at the time of his diagnosis, had a rare form of lung cancer. Hereportedly tried to heal himself with natural remedies, then went for radiation.In a last-ditch effort to save his life, Kaufman allegedly tried alternativetherapies in the Philippines. By May 1984, at just 35 years old, he died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Why do so many people believe Andy Kaufman is still alive?

Kaufman’s quick demise from a relatively rare form ofcancer, coupled with his young age, left many shocked. That’s not what fueledthe rumors that he may still be alive, though. Kaufman himself may have litthat match. According to CNN,Kaufman reportedly joked about faking his own death as the “ultimate prank.”

According to those close to him, Kaufman, a comedic genius, enjoyeda good prank, and believed faking his own death and popping back up yearslater would be the greatest prank of his life. He joked about how he’d pull offthe prank, and how he’d return, too. It’s been 36 years, though, and Kaufmanhas yet to resurface.

Kaufman’s writing partner, Zmuda, and girlfriend, Lynne Margulies, revealed in their 2014book, Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally, that the famed comedian had puta 30-year limit on the prank. May 2014 was exactly 30 years after his death,but Kaufman has yet to resurface.

Bob Zmuda still believesAndy Kaufman is alive

Kaufman may not havereappeared after 30 years, but Zmuda seems to think there is still hope that Kaufmanis out there. In an interview with TheWashington Times, Zmuda was adamant that Kaufman is alive, or, at thevery least, he didn’t die back in 1984. Zmuda stated that he knows Kaufman isalive because he helped him plan the big stunt.

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How much of that is simply Zmudahanging his hat on a hope, remains to be seen. Kaufman hasn’t surfaced, butthat isn’t conclusive evidence that he is dead, to some believers. Fans andfriends seem to fall into one of three camps when it comes to Kaufman. Peopleeither believe he died tragically from cancer in 1984, or they think that he isalive and well somewhere in the United States. A third possibility has recentlyemerged, though. Some fans believe that Kaufman did pull off the great prankbut died before he could resurface. If he did fake his death, Kaufman would be 71now.

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