Wendy Williams Ex Kevin Hunter Says She Needed 2 Blood Transfusions During Health Scare

In an hour-long livestream, Kevin accuses Wendy’s management team of putting her in ‘a life-and-death situation’ and claims that his son had to intervene.

AceShowbizWendy Williams‘ ex-husband has spoken up on her situation that forced her to sit out of her talk show. On Tuesday, March 22, Kevin Hunter went on livestream to reveal some shocking bombshells about her health issues.

Kevin, who was officially divorced from Wendy in 2020, said he tried to protect her and continues to fight for her despite no longer together. He blasted her management team for allegedly putting her in “a life and death situation” and denying medical coverage and care for her.

“If it wasn’t for my son and myself stepping in, that’s it,” Kevin said, alluding to how dire Wendy’s situation was. Kevin added that his son Kevin Hunter Jr. had to threaten to call 911 to let first responders do welfare check on his mother and that “she needed two blood transfusions” afterwards, though he did not further disclose why.

Kevin also claimed that when Wendy was in “rehabilitation,” the talk show’s production team used the situation to find her replacement.

During the livestream, Kevin also defended himself over his infidelity, claiming that there are a lot of men who would do like him. He then clarified that he chose to keep his baby with his mistress, while she considered abortion.

Speaking of his son, Kevin said Kevin Jr. has no addiction issue, but he smoked weed. He also pre-emptively shut down any suggestions that his son tried to take advantage of Wendy and gain money from her.

While Kevin shared more details of Wendy’s issues, not everyone appreciated it that he spoke on his ex-wife after their divorce. “He’s not her husband anymore! He should not be speaking on her,” one person opined.

Another slammed him, “Kevin needs to go somewhere. He’s trying to gain sympathy and I’m not here for it.” A third argued, “This man should’ve never had anything to do with Wendy’s career she basically lost everything when he marriage imploded it’s a damn shame.”

Someone else claimed, “Anyone catch how Kelvin tried to act like a victim talking about the public tried to make him the villain because he had an extramarital affair. It wasn’t just an affair. You embarrassed Wendy and destroyed her self esteem.”

Meanwhile, Wendy was recently caught heading to Miami following her “Good Morning America” interview, during which she vowed that she would be coming back on her show “bigger and brighter than ever.” The 57-year-old was spotted waiting for a flight at Newark Airport with her son Kevin Hunter Jr. on Thursday, March 17.

According to TMZ, when the duo arrived in Florida, Wendy was overheard telling a fan that she was working to get her eponymous talk show back and trying to solve her money issue.

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