Watch Joe Montana Explain What It Takes to Be the GOAT

When it comes to football, the conversation of who’s the greatest of all time is practically never-ending. NFL legend and four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana has been considered for that title many times, especially throughout the ’80s. But rather than take the title for himself, the 64-year-old explains what it really means to be the GOAT.

Montana stars in a new Super Bowl commercial for Guinness, where he cracks open a cold one and gets real about what it takes to be the greatest…and it’s not just about throwing touchdown passes. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback explains that there’s a lot more to look for than stats and records.

“It’s about how you come back from a bad play or the hardest year ever,” he says. “One voice tells you to stay down and take it easy. Another one says get up, show your teammates and your neighbors, ‘Hey, we got this.’”

The ad references the COVID-19 pandemic with looks at empty stadiums and closed bars. Montana emphasizes the need to celebrate each other and be responsible while still being hopeful for a promising year ahead.

“You want to be great?” he asks. “Make everybody around you better, look down the field and find a way to keep moving the ball. The greats take it as an article of faith that the best is yet to come.”

So with Montana’s definition, who’s your pick for the GOAT?

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