Waka Flocka Flame Explains Why Prenup Is Not Important

This is not the first time for the rapper to speak against prenuptial agreements as he echoed the sentiment in an interview with Ebony magazine back in April 2019.

AceShowbizWaka Flocka Flame has a happy marriage to wife Tammy Rivera with or without prenuptial agreements. The rapper and Tammy recently stopped by “Dish Nation” and at one point, the topic was brought into the discussion.

Co-host Gary With Da Tea insisted that everyone should have made a prenup, though Waka begged to differ. “You what that is? Love don’t stand on the same pedestal as money, and money could never stand on the same pedestal as love,” Waka shared.

He continued, “If you love a person, it shouldn’t be money. It shouldn’t be sick, it shouldn’t be fat, it shouldn’t be no color, no shape, no nothing. Now, for me, if I marry you and I’m this rich guy, you rich, too.”

“But, I’m supposed to be the man that makes your spirit rich,” the 33-year-old went on to say. “That’s what’s wrong with couples. People look at the money and don’t pay attention to the spirit. That’s a big difference. ‘Cause I can make my wife’s spirit so rich to the point where she’ll be richer than me financially.”

“If you truly in it til the end, pre nup shouldn’t be on either of ya minds!” an Instagram user agreed with Waka as another fan praised the couple, saying, “Waka and Tammy make a pretty couple.”

Meanwhile, some others were not impressed and even called him “fake woke.” Taking a jab at the rapper, a person commented, “He doesnt believe in anything that makes sense.” On the other hand, others didn’t think that Waka, who “doesn’t believe in being faithful either,” wasn’t the right person to preach about it. “The message is straight but the messenger…,” someone noted.

This is not the first time for Waka to speak against prenuptial agreements. Back in April 2019, he shared in an interview with Ebony magazine, “The person I truly love. The person I truly want to be with. I don’t want nobody trying to talk me out of it. ‘Get a prenup, get this, and all this.’ I’m like, why are you thinking about my money and not my well-being?”

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