VP Kamala Harris, on her first foreign trip, tells Guatemalans do not come to the US

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Last week, it was announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would undertake her first solo international trip. Instead of giving VP Harris a softer mission for her first trip – like, say, shoring up a historic alliance with Canada, or even sending her to India to highlight a number of economic issues – Harris was given the rotten task of trying to do something about the thousands of de facto refugees attempting to cross the border. The Trump administration left the Biden administration an absolute immigration/border catastrophe and the Biden administration is still picking up the pieces. All VP Harris’s trip will do is piss people off on both sides of the aisle. Speaking of, Harris has pissed off the Democratic caucus because she told Guatemalans “do not come” to the US.

During her first foreign trip as vice president, Kamala Harris said the United States would bolster investigations into corruption and human trafficking in Guatemala, while also delivering a clear, blunt message to undocumented migrants hoping to reach the United States: “Do not come.”

Ms. Harris issued the warning during a trip that was an early yet pivotal test for a vice president currently tasked with the complex challenge of breaking a cycle of migration from Central America by investing in a region plagued by corruption, violence and poverty.

While President Biden campaigned on unwinding some of the Trump administration’s border restrictions, allowing migrants to apply for asylum at the U.S. border, Ms. Harris amplified the White House’s current stance that most of those who crossed the border would be turned away and would instead need to find legal pathways or protection closer to their home countries.

She did not shy away from brusque language when it came to discussing corruption with the Guatemalan president, Alejandro Giammattei, who has been criticized for having a political agenda and for persecuting officials who fight corruption. Ms. Harris, whose own aspirations to the presidency are clear, was tapped by Mr. Biden to invest in Central America to discourage the vulnerable from making the dangerous journey north. Mr. Biden has faced criticism from Republicans and some moderate Democrats in the early months of his term for the soaring number of crossings of unaccompanied minors at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Part of me knows that Biden tapped Harris for this political hot potato because he knows she can handle it. But another part of me is like, well, this is a political hazing. Everyone’s mad at her now. Democrats are mad that she’s echoing the Biden administration’s “hard line” that migrants will be turned away and that they should not try to escape the horrendous conditions they face in their home countries. Republicans are mad because apparently VP Harris refuses to do a photo-op at the border?? I don’t even get this. Lestor Holt asked her why she hasn’t physically been to the border… why would she? Ugh.

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