Twitter Is Dragging Justin Timberlake For Talking Over SZA and Calling Her "Sis"

In case this week couldn’t get any worse, Justin Timberlake is out here making an absolute fool of himself on national television by trying to use African American slang and pretending to talk like SZA.

During his latest appearance on The Ellen Show, Justin was joined by musicians SZA and Anderson .Paak to talk about the new Trolls soundtrack. After they talked about the movie, Ellen then moved on to ask SZA about her new Rolling Stone cover, which also featured Normani and Megan Thee Stallion.

Ellen addressed SZA and made a joke about how she was wearing a bikini top and baggy pants. She said, “I just want to ask you…was it hot?” As SZA tried to explain that the outfit was a compromise between her wanting to wear baggy clothes and the apparent vision of the photoshoot being something more revealing, Justin kept talking over her. Even worse, at several points, he pretended to be SZA by putting on a weird, sassy voice, as if that’s what he thinks a black woman is supposed to sound like. He also called her “sis,” a term of endearment used among queer and black people.

If you want to torture yourself, here’s the video of him saying, “Oh, sis!,” “What are you doing to them, sis?,” and “Sometimes you got to let ’em know, ‘I’ve been workin’ out.'”

Understandably, people on Twitter are not impressed by Justin’s comments and blaccent. These are just a few of the tweets dragging him:

Justin Timberlake calling SZA “sis” and talking over her when Ellen asked her a question……

is right on brand for JT.🙃

And the accent 💀 throw the whole thing away

imagine being called “sis” by a 40 year old white man wearing sneakers with a pocket square and a bad fade

He wanna be black when it’s convenient for him.

Is there any reason he’s trying to use AAVE and acting like a fool? Does he know when to stop culturally appropriating or does it just come natural to him now?! 😒

Right lolZ the code switch was not necessary. And he just kept talking lol.

She asked SZA…why is Justin talking?

Mind you he keep talking over her as she responds to a question Ellen asked HER. 😑

Ugh, can this week be over already!?

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